Sunday, March 5, 2017

Whispers and Waltzes

Everyone stared in awe at Bruce Wayne and Amelia Carter as they waltzed across the floor of the Gotham Grand Hotel. The couple glided in perfect synchronicity, it was beautiful to watch and enjoy. Bruce and Amy were quietly conversing about Bruce's sons, and the attention they were garnering from the crowd. It was a rare sight for all of the Wayne boys to be present at a formal function outside of anything hosted in Wayne Manor.

Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Damien Wayne were present and bored from the elderly couples who kept approaching to comment on how big they had gotten, how beautiful their parent's looked together, etc. Damien was about about ready to stab someone's eye out with a fork as he watched his father and step-mother. Though he was reluctant to admit he could see how happy Amelia made his father. Amelia had been apart of the Wayne family long before Damien and the rest of the Robins. She had been a childhood friend of his father, but he didn't understand why it had taken them so long to begin a relationship.

Damien had asked Grayson once, to see if he knew. But he was useless with providing an answer. It had been Alfred Pennyworth, butler of the Wayne family since Thomas and Martha Wayne, who had given young Master Wayne the answer to his question. In short, Damien had learned that his father was an idiot when it came to Amelia's love. But that they were both afraid to cross the line between friendship and intimacy, which had resulted in them both entering and leaving many failed relationships with other suitors.

The young Wayne liked his step-mother, and while he loathed to admit it, he enjoyed spending time with her. She didn't hate him for being his father's biological son, she didn't hold any resentment. Amelia had been patient and kind to him as he adjusted going from an only child to the youngest of four. Damien had tried to push everyone away when he had first arrived in Gotham but he had failed. His father, step-mother, and adoptive siblings had wiggled their way into his heart.

Damien studied how his father guided Amelia, through the steps. He could easily see the ease of trust from the years of practice. Drake and Grayson each stood on a side of him, he envied the fact that they were able to have alcoholic beverages and he wasn't. He would have preferred to have Todd present, but with Gotham still believing him dead, he was in the Batcave with Pennyworth monitoring all activity. How he desired to be out on patrol rather than in a suit surrounded by old couples who gossiped and were two-faced with each other.

The smiles that his father and step-mother shared were full of joy. He wondered what exactly they were whispering about as they spun around the room and dazzled the guests.


So, this upcoming week's schedule will be a little off. I'm not sure if I'll be posting on Monday or Tuesday. So, I figured I would just add a post in case I miss tomorrow. But I hope you enjoyed this Amy x Bruce piece that is seen through Damien's eyes.


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