Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Plans and Fights

A few days later, Damien and two his Wayne siblings were in one of the many parlors of Wayne Manor. Alfred Pennyworth was somewhere in the mansion cleaning, while the Wayne-Kent's were at their various jobs. Damien had set up a video call for his siblings and the rest of the Kent family, who were spread throughout the world.

"Alright Dami, why are we here?" Jason Todd asked as he lounged on a couch with his feet propped up on one of the tables.

Damien scowled at the Red Hood for the horrible nickname but refused to answer. He smacked the boy's feet off the table, Damien was not going to get in trouble with Pennyworth for someone else's stupidity. He instead glanced at the television where he could see Martha Kent, Kara Zor-El, Conner Kent, and John Kent were all looking at him.

"Damien, would you please tell us why you have gathered our entire family?" Tim Drake asked as he shot his youngest brother a frown. Tim wanted to finish some homework that he was due in about three weeks.

Damien huffed before he looked around the room. "Do any of you know what the baby is?" He asked as he looked at the wall in front of him.

The silence that surrounded him, was loud enough to let him know that they didn't. None of them did, and he knew from Amelia that they wanted to tell the family together. They all knew that they were getting a new sibling but they didn't know the sex.

"Do you?" Jason asked after a moment, with a dumb founded expression on his face.

"No, you idiot, but Amelia told me last night that how she wanted to tell us," he answered with a smug smile as he crossed his arms over his chest.

This caused a few groans from various members who knew that Damien was not going to say anything until they all agreed to whatever he had planned.

"What did Amy want Damien?" Martha Kent asked as she looked at Bruce's only biological child. The Kent matriarch had taken a liking to Bruce's youngest son, she could see how much he looked like his father. The need to prove himself, it was the same drive Clark had when he realized that he was different and not from Earth.

"Mom wanted to have the entire family here, in Gotham to tell us. And I want to give her, Clark, and father the chance to tell all of us. They all know but they've been secretive about it," Damien informed his family as he leaned against one of the walls.

"Well, I can fly to Metropolis and pick up John, since Lois doesn't want him flying on his own. Conner could easily book a flight for himself and Martha. The rest of you bats can easily make your own way to Gotham. Jason, you are already there. Dick and Tim could fly in. But what day should be arrive in Gotham to surprise Amy?" Kara asked as she looked at the various Supers and Bats, who had nodded as she spoke about their travel plans.

"Why don't we do next week? That way we can also get the three of them out of the house. We could meet at the house and decorate, Amy's favorite family room," Jason suggested as he looked at Damien. "Plus we could get the rest of the Bat Family here," he added before Damien or any of the others could protest about the Bat-Girls not being asked along.

Damien grumbled something under his breathe, as he sent Todd a glare.

"What was that squirt?" Jason asked as he looked over at his little brother.

"Nothing Todd, now stuff it before I stuff you," Damien growled as he turned away.

"Jason, Damien stop it," Dick ordered as he looked between the pair. "Next week will work, there isn't anything going on in Gotham or Metropolis that would require them to be publicly out and about."

Jason rolled his eyes at Dick's order, but he didn't say anything. He instead sent a mischievous smile to youngest Wayne son.

Damien glared but didn't rise to the bait, he instead looked back at the screen. "Good, let's try to have everyone here at the Manor on Friday. Father, Mom, and Clark all have work, so we'll have the house to ourselves after they leave," Damien suggested, he knew the house schedule best since he still live in Wayne Manor. 

His other siblings visited but they didn't full time live at home anymore. John bounced back and forth between Gotham and Metropolis but since he was in school, he was in Metropolis more often with  Clark opting to go and visit him there. On long weekends and vacations, John would come to Gotham to visit with Damien.

"That's a wonderful idea, Damien," Martha replied as she smiled at the boy from the screen. "We better get off, Conner still has homework he needs to finish."

"Grandma," Conner whined in embarrassment of her admission. His cheeks flushed a soft color.

"Don't worry Conner, Tim, Damien, and John have homework, too," Kara soothed her cousin's clone.

Shouts of frustration and indignation came through from the three named males. But none of them denied that they had homework that they needed to finish.

"Alright, we'll see you all later," Dick said as he watched his various family members end their video calls. Once the screen was black, he turned to look at Jason and Damien. The two rarely got along and he could only hope that they didn't cause any problems.

"I have to head back to Bludhaven tonight, so no fighting from either of you while I'm gone. I'll have Amy or Alfred tell me. Remember they know everything," Dick warned as he looked at his two brothers and fellow Robins.

Both grumbled but didn't say anything, Damien left the room and made his way to the kitchen. He knew that Amy had made a batch of cookies the day before, and he wanted a few.


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