Friday, March 31, 2017

Parties and Dance (DC-Amy)

Amy stood with Bruce and Clark, by the bar as they watched various members of the Justice League enjoy their celebration party. Amy rested her head against Bruce's shoulder, she listened as her two soulmates quietly talked with each other about the battle.

The petite brunette smiled as she caught sight of Flash and Supergirl, they were on the dance floor together. They were in perfect sync as they danced around the crowd. Various League Members had moved away to watch them all dance, Oliver and Laurel joined the trio at the bar.

"They sure know how dance," Oliver commented as he watched the par.

"They make it look so easy," Amy replied as she briefly glanced up at Oliver. "Of course that didn't prevent you or Bruce from constantly stepping on my toes when we were younger," she jibed at one of her oldest friends.

Amelia and her family had lived in Starling City, long before Amy was born. Her family were very up 'there' in society. She had spent her first ten years of life in Starling with Oliver, Tommy, Laurel, and Sara. But her father was offered an opportunity in Gotham, so the Carter family moved from Starling to Gotham. It was there where Amy had met Bruce Wayne, he was twelve when they met.

Her mother had forced her take dance lessons for when she was properly introduced into the Gotham Societal League. She hated it, but she had been paired with Bruce as a dance partner. When she had first met him, he had barely said a word. She eventually managed to get him to talk, and the pair had quickly become fast friends.

"You didn't move your feet fast enough," Oliver retorted as he sent Amy a playful glare.

"No, you moved too fast," Amy replied as she poke him in the shoulder. "At least, Clark's never stepped on my toes."

Oliver rolled his eyes at Amy, "Why aren't you out there? I mean you did dance for a living," Oliver commented with a smirk.

Amy glared at her friend in green. "You forget Oliver, that I had to give up dance after I nearly lost my ankle," she reminded her friend. "It's why I'm not out in the streets wearing a costume like the rest of you."

"You can still dance, Mel, just no crazy spins or leaps. That's what caused your injury," Oliver pointed out as he looked at Amy with a frown. "Besides, why would even want to wear a costume? You get to come to Watchtower in jeans!"

Amy laughed at Oliver's words as did Clark, Bruce, and Laurel. Amy let out a soft yawn, moments later.

"Looks like someone is ready for some sleep," Clark commented as he looked at Amy with soft affection in his bright blue eyes.

Hey everyone, so tomorrow is the start of Camp Nano. I'll be doing poetry all month on my blog. Most of my dedicated writing time is going to finish Crimson and Indigo: The Wedding. I would like to finish it by the end of the month or get a huge section of it done. So look forward to my poems that I'll be writing and sharing.

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