Friday, March 17, 2017

Conversations and News (ST-ff)

The padd slipped from Ella's fingers, it tumbled and shattered on the floor of her office. The loud crash from the padd, caused a few heads to turn to her office. No one moved investigate, except fro one person.

Leonard McCoy, the Chief Medical Officer, moved toward the office that belonged to his Head Nurse and wife. He gently knocked on her door before he poked his head inside. At the sight of his wife surrounded by a shattered padd he quickly made his way into her office.

"Ella," he called as he stood in front of her. Bones grasped her arms tightly at the shoulders. "Ella, what's wrong?" his voice was full of concern and worry.

"Leo," she gently cried as she met her husband's worried hazel-green eyes. Ella's blue-grey eyes filled with tears as her arms wrapped themselves around her waist.

"Ella, what's wrong sweetheart?" he asked, as he guided her to the small couch she kept in her office.

Once the couple were seated, Dr. McCoy looked at his and held her left hand tightly in his own. He would give it reassuring squeezes, while he waited for her to say whatever was on her. Bones rested his chin on top of Ella's dark brown locks and just held her.

She still had tears running down her face, but the brunette nurse wasn't bothered. "Leo, remember our conversation before we agreed to come along on this five year journey?" Ell asked, hope filled her chest that her husband would recall them.

Leonard nodded as he thought of a few different conversations about going on this five year mission, with Jim and the Enterprise. "A few of them, but you'll need to be more specific darlin'," he gently prompted his wife.

Ella gulped in a deep breath, before she met her husband's gaze. "The one about growing our family," she answered as she looked away. The twenty-nine year old female fidgeted with her hands as she waited for Leo's response.

"Really?" Bones asked in shock and surprise as he met Ella's concerned face.

"Yeah," she softly answered as she her tears from face with the back of her hand.

Dr. McCoy pulled his wife into his arms, and held her tightly to his chest. He ran his fingers through her hair before he pulled away. "Are you sure?" he asked as he gently brushed a stray wavy strand away from her face.

Ella laughed and shook her head, "I tested my blood three times, just to be safe. But yeah, we're going to have a baby."

Bones kissed Ella firmly on the lips, once he heard her say those precious words. They had talked about having a baby before, when they had first joined the Enterprise five years ago, but they had never had a baby. They had been expecting once, around the time Khan blew up the London Archive. But Ella had miscarried. They were never sure of the exact reason but nearly losing Jim and the loss of Ella's father and brother; played a part in her miscarriage.

"Do you want me to do a scan?" Leonard asked after he pulled away from his wife.

"Let's hold off, until we get to Yorktown, we're only a few hours away. Besides, with Jim on his diplomatic mission, you and Spock both have a meeting with the various department heads. One that cannot be missed or post-poned," Ella reminded her husband of his job, as she gently shoved him off the couch.

"Do I have to?" he asked with a a groan.

"Yes, now go, I'll run Medbay with Dr. M'Benga utnil you get back," she ordered as she stood up.

Ella kissed Bones, before they left her office. Leonard went off to his meeting, with a warning that his Medbay better be in one piece when he returned. Ella rolled her eyes before she moved to look in on the few patients that were in Medbay.


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