Monday, February 20, 2017

What They Saw (ST-ff)

When Ella had first met Doctor Leonard McCoy, he had been making a fuss because he couldn't stay in the bathroom on the shuttle, back to Starfleet Academy. She had found him amusing, especially when he had told Jim Kirk that he might throw up on him. On the shuttle ride to San Francisco, she would occasionally catch the doctor's eye before she looked away.

Jim Kirk would swear up and down in his best man speech at his friends'  wedding, that those little looks were the start.

Leonard McCoy knew he was in love with the brunette nurse, that was Eleanor Pike, when they were in their first year at Starfleet Academy. They had been doing a simulation class together, one that was a functioning medbay. It had been in that class, where Bones and Ella had been paired together as Doctor and Nurse. They had been partners for a few weeks, and during one of their labs, Ella had been well prepared for Leonard's barking. She was quick and efficient with all of her tools and knowledge, he would even quizzed her on a patients injury and suggested treatment.

In that lab class, Leonard McCoy fell in love, with one of the most brilliant nurses in Starfleet.

Christopher Pike knew when his daughter had developed romantic feelings for Jim Kirk's best friend, before his daughter had.

During their conversations, the young brunette, who reminded the Captain so much of his departed wife, was constantly talking about the doctor. She always had an interesting anecdote with Jim and Bones. The conversation typically strayed to Bones and her thoughts on him being a good doctor. She wore an expression that was full of fondness and respect.

He could never deny Ella anything, especially her happiness.

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