Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Avaline's Tears (TEC)

Avaline walked through the gardens of her new home. The Grey Light Princess had begrudgingly accepted that she was a 'guest' in Nightshade, specifically to Nightshade's Crown Prince, Erivine. She was reluctant to become part of this kingdom, the very one that had decimated and destroyed her own home. Her parents and siblings dead, because of Erivine and his father, King Zanos.

The Princess took in the different flora that grew, she enjoyed the warm sun that shined onto her. After spending six months locked away in the East Tower, she spent most of her days outside wandering the castle grounds. Erivine would join her on the occasion but she seldom spoke to him. However, both King and Prince insisted that she not be allowed to be alone anywhere in the castle, she was given a bodyguard and lady-in-waiting, Matthew and Valaria. Matthew said very little and would stoically follow her everywhere, and when he couldn't follow Valaria did.

She was angry that after six months of being trapped, that she wasn't allowed a moment of peace. Valaria slept in room just off to the side of Avaline's and she couldn't leave her room without going through Valaria's. The princess glared at the stone path, before she abruptly turned and headed back the castle. Erivine and Zanos' actions had off put her time outside, she moved swiftly and quietly through the large halls to her room. She promptly slammed the door closed to keep both Matthew and Valaria out. Avaline angrily tore off the soft pink dress, it lay in tatters on the carpet floor, she chose to wear a soft gray nightgown to wear. The golden haired princess clamored into her bed, she pulled the peach duvet over herself and silently sobbed into the pillow.

Her heart shattered, as her home and life were gone. She was a prisoner in an enemy kingdom, with little to no privacy. All Avaline wanted was her life back, she wanted her family and she wanted to be home with her own things.


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