Friday, February 10, 2017

A Promise of Escape (TEC)

"Thank you agreeing to have tea with me, Princess Avaline," Princess Illyana graciously told the Princess of Grey Light.

Avaline nodded as she met Princess Illyana's dark gaze, "Thank you for inviting me."

Illyana softly sighed as she looked at the princess who sat across the table from her. Illyana could see the dark circles under Avaline's gold eyes, the hollowness in her once full cheekbones. Her skin clung tightly to the bones, making it obvious that Avaline had not been taken care of here in Nightshade. Illyana gently reached out to grasp Avaline's pale hand in her own dark colored one.

"Oh Avaline," Illyana softly sighed in sadness and concern. She squeezed Avaline's hand in her own.

Avaline looked away from Illyana as the tears burned her eyes. She didn't want the Avesterian Princess' pity, she hadn't even wanted to meet with Illyana but she had hoped that Illyana would help her. Grey Light and Avesteria had been close allies and shared many of the same beliefs, there had been many alliances and marriages between the two kingdoms in the past. The last had been almost two centuries past but their had been discussions for Illyana to be wed to Avaline's, now deceased brother, Mikel.

"Avaline, I can't leave you here in Nightshade. You will return with me to Avesteria," Illyana swore to her friend. She wouldn't allow Avaline to be locked away, as she suspected that Zanos and Erivine had done to her. Illyana was grateful that her father had allowed her to come on this trip to Nightshade. She had wanted to understand what had happened to Grey Light, and the only kingdom to have answers was Nightshade.

Avaline shook her head, at Illyana's promise, "You might not be able to keep this promise, Illyana," Avaline mumbled as she fought to keep her tears at bay.


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