Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Surprise (ST-ff)

Ella McCoy neé Pike smiled softly as she finished her shift in medbay, it had been a long shift; but it had been one without the Enterprise's Chief Medical Officer. Jim had taken Spock, Bones, and Scotty with him to explore the planet, Betazed. It was a quick visit to meet with the Betazoids and learn more about the telepathic people.

None of them were injured, so Bones didn't force anyone to return to medbay, a small miracle in and of itself. Ella had been left in charge as Head Nurse with Dr. M'Benga for the shift. Very few patients had be in medbay, it was calm and wonderful to have some peace.

The Enterprise was a little over a year and a half into its five year mission. Ella and Bones were two years into their marriage; something that had surprised quite a few crew members. Many didn't expect the couple to last, but Jim knew better. He understood the relationship that Ella and Bones shared, they were good together. Both inside and outside of medbay, they had been a working team since their first year at the academy. The Admiral Board was always giving the pair constant acknowledgment and commendations on their work in the medical field.

Ella's blue-gray eyes glanced at the clock, she caught sight of the time and smiled. The petite brunette moved towards Dr. M'Benga's office.

"You off already, McCoy?" the dark skinned doctor asked as he looked at the nurse.

"Yup, Christine, is here. So you'll be fine until your shift is over," the nurse informed the doctor.

"I'll see you later, McCoy. And tell your husband that his medbay is in perfect working order," M'Benga added in a humored tone as he followed Ella to the doors.

It was well known that CMO McCoy liked his Medbay in perfect running order at all times. Even when he wasn't in medbay,

"Of course, it's in order, there was a McCoy in the Medbay," Ella joked, she giggled at the look on M'Benga's face, before she fled from Medbay.

She quickly made her way back to her personal quarters, that she shared with her husband. When they had first been placed on the Enterprise both of them had separate quarters. When they had gotten married, they had both tried to figure out who's quarters they would share. Jim had surprised the pair by the giving them new quarters, that were bigger for the pair. It had been a wonderful gift that had been a surprise to the newlyweds.

As Ella opened the doors to her room, she smiled at the scattered rose petals on the floor. There were several large bouquets of  roses, lilies, orchids, and lilacs all around the room in various vases. The brunette nurse smiled at sight before she followed the trail of petals to her bedroom. Upon entering the doorway, Ella gasped at the gown that was laid out on the bed.

The dress was a simple one, in a peach color with light gray flowers scattered around the skirt and shoulders. It was lovely, and one that Ella been eyeing for sometime, but she couldn't find an excuse or reason to warrant such an expensive purchase. Starfleet paid it's officers generously but Ella had never been one for impulse purchases unless it was for a purpose. And with Ella and the rest of the Enterprise crew in space exploring for five years, she couldn't find it in herself to buy the dress.

A pair of strong muscular arms wrapped themselves around, Ella's waist. Soft lips gently ran along the tip of her ear, before the familiar husky voice greeted the petite brunette.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Darlin'. And Happy Birthday, Ella," Leonard McCoy murmured softly into his wife's ear.


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