Monday, February 27, 2017

On the Track

Lyra pressed on the gas pedal and flew across the track, as she maneuvered way through turns on the race track. The female race car driver saw only track in front of her, there were no other drivers.

"Nice job, Ly, just keep an eye for this upcoming turn, I noticed you were fishtailing a little the last time you took this turn," the familiar voice of her spotter, Davie told her as she approached the turn.

"Copy that," she replied as she took the turn, her car speeding as drifted through the turn.

Lyra straightened out, her grip tight on the steering wheel, as she felt rather than heard the revving of another car behind her. Her grip tightened as she looked in her mirrors and spotted the familiar black and red car that belonged Rex. She changed gears to give herself some more torque on the track.

The driver of the number nineteen smiled as she was gently pulled back into her seat from the force. She met the next turn with no problem, and grinned as the finish line approached. The end of the race was fast approaching and she was close to a possible victory.

Racing season has started with the Daytona 500. While NASCAR is not my preferred racing sport, it was a great race to see yesterday. I'm excited for St. Pete, which is the kickoff of the IndyCar series, and I'm excited to see the races.

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