Friday, February 17, 2017

Inquiries and Compliments (ST-ff)

"Cadet Pike, please stay behind," the voice of Medical Officer Danvers called through the crowd of students, as they tried to exit the lecture hall.

Ella sighed before she stopped her progress. The brunette spun and walked down the stairs towards the podium that Danvers used to teach his lessons. As she wove through the crowded, she stepped just in front of the podium and looked at her professor.

"You wished to see me Professor Danvers," Ella wondered what she had done wrong. She had never been asked to stay behind in a class before. She nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

"Yes, I wanted to ask you a few questions about your most recent assignment. You were able to get very technical in a few areas, things that we haven't covered in class. How were you able to come by this information?" Officer Danvers asked the young nurse with curiosity in his tone.

"Doctor McCoy has been tutoring me. Since this course has proven to be a difficult one for me, he's been going over the material with me," Ella answered honestly as she looked down at her shoes.

She hoped that she hadn't gotten Bones in trouble, she knew that he had just wanted to help her. More than likely also stop her from having a break down, too. Bones had offered to help her with her biology classes, specifically alien biology.

Professor Danvers nodded in understanding, "Well, he's doing an excellent job, Cadet Pike. I've seen both of you in your labs. You work well with Dr. McCoy, he could use a nurse like you to work with."

Ella's cheeks colored a soft pink color from her professor's compliment. This wasn't the first she had heard of her and Bones working together, but it was still unexpected. She didn't think that she was worthy of working with Bones, he was an excellent doctor. Ella couldn't get through alien biology without his help.

"Thank you, professor," Ella mumbled as she turned her gaze back down to her black boots.

"Best head off to your next class, Cadet Pike. And you received the highest marks on this assignment with the extra information you provided," Officer Danvers informed Ella, as he dismissed the nurse to her next class.


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