Monday, February 13, 2017

Welcome to Starfleet (ST-ff)

Eleanor Pike unbuckled her seat once the small craft had touched down in the Starfleet Academy shuttle bay. She patiently waited until the returning cadets left the shuttle that would one day belong to the Enterprise. The brunette female was one of three left on the shuttle, other than Captain Pike and a various officers who were returning to the academy.

Once all of the students departed, Captain Christopher Pike stepped through. Ella smiled at her father as he stopped in front of her seat, he graciously offered his arm out. The female stood and threaded her arm through her father's. “Kirk, McCoy, if you'll follow me,” the Captain ordered as he led the two new recruits out of the shuttle.

As they reached the door, Captain Pike stopped to allow his daughter to exit the craft with James Kirk and Leonard McCoy to follow after the brunette female. Ella hadn't wondered too far as she waited for her father to exit the shuttle, she glanced around and noticed other new recruits and returning cadets were scattered all around the bay. Ella noted that both Kirk and McCoy were looking around the bay with slight curiosity. "You haven't seen anything yet," she commented to the pair, as she followed after her father.

Both the men trailed after Captain Pike and his daughter. The Starfleet Captain led the trio to the administration building. "This is where I leave the three of you. I suspect that I will see you all sooner rather than later," Captain Pike told the trio, as he turned to walk back down the stairs that he had led them up.

"Oh, and Eleanor, don't forget-" The captain started before he was interrupted by his daughter.

"I know family dinner next week with all of us Pike children. Yeah, yeah, I know," she cut off her father, with an eye roll. Both of her older brothers had been calling to let her know about dinner for nearly three weeks now.

"Good," Christopher nodded as he continued his descent.

It was silent between James Kirk, Leonard McCoy, and Ella Pike for only a few seconds. "So, Pike, huh, you're a legacy," Kirk commented with a smirk as he looked the petite brunette up and down with wondering eyes.

"I'm not the only legacy, Kirk, and don't even think about it. You'll be thrown out of here faster than you can say Captain Pike. Not to mention what my brothers would do to you if you tried anything," she informed the blonde haired man, as she strode past him into the administration building.

McCoy clapped Kirk on the shoulder, "Tough luck Kirk," he commented with a soft smirk before he followed after Ella inside.

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