Monday, February 6, 2017

Enchantress' Return

Valeria Nightingale stood on the cliff edge, she watched the ocean with a hopeful gaze. She waited for the familiar white sails and flag that belonged to her betrothed's ship, La Incantatrice. James Hunter had left behind his beloved for a six month expedition to Avesteria, a kingdom that was across the Crimson Ocean.

Valeria hadn't been able to go with James, even though she had desperately wanted to join him on his journey. Both her father and betrothed had been adamant that she stay in Evermoon with her family. The sixteen year old had no desire to be left behind, however she did as her intended asked only for his benefit.

In the six months that James had been away, Valeria had spent most of her time in the capitol with the Royal family. Valeria was a Lady in Waiting to Princess Merabeth, and she was close friends with the Princess. Merabeth's own betrothed was Prince Micel of Avesteria. Valeria and Merabeth had often wondered if Micel would be accompanying James back to Evermoon, but neither knew a definite answer.

Valeria had counted the months, weeks, and days until James' return. She had been at the cliff since early morning, her skirts and petticoats were covered in mud. The white slippers she had worn now a filthy brown caked in mud from the walk. She didn't care, she only wanted to see that James had kept his promise and was home safe. There the young lady stood and waited La Incantatrice to safely arrive in Port Royale. The day slowly slipped away until it was twilight, and there was still no La Incantatrice. A tear slipped down Valeria's cheek as the first stars began to peek out into the orange and lilac colored sky. Her arms wrapped around her waist, before she turned away to walk back to her family's stately mansion.

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