Wednesday, February 22, 2017

St. Valeria Day (TEC)

Saint Valeria Day was a special holiday to Queen Avaline, and it was one that she had passed down to her five children as she raised them. However, now that they had all grown older from their time as toddlers, some of her children had discontinued the traditions of the holiday. However, not all had disregarded the holiday such as Eleanor, Rowan, and Hunter.

Her daughter and two youngest sons, enjoyed celebrating the holiday. It was a tribute to Grey Light's Queen Valeria, a reluctant ruler, but one who did what was right for the people. She had been a beloved and cherished monarch, with a tragic story. Avaline had shared this story with all of her children, but Ella had always enjoyed hearing the story as a child, to her it was fairy tale. Even to Avaline it was, it was an inspiring story that Avaline adored and loved.

Avaline, Eleanor, Rowan, Hunter, Matthew, Adam, and Athena all walked to the Royal Gardens. There Avaline and Eleanor picked a variety of roses, there were many kinds in the gardens to choose from. The mother and daughter duo chose a little bit of everything. Avaline smiled at the crown of red roses that Ella wore in her hair, it had been a style that Avaline had worn for St. Valeria Day many years ago.

"You look lovely, Ella," Avaline complimented as she reached out and gently brushed a stray curl from Ella's face.

Ella smiled as she held her mother's gaze, the same honey-gold eyes met and silently spoke more than the words that had been spoken. Together, the group made their way to a waiting limousine, Athena and Ella sat beside each other and chatted. They had been discussing their next trip to Lunaria, Ella wanted to get out of the castle for a bit, together they planned a girl's day out.

Hunter and Rowan sat on either side of Avaline, Hunter's golden locks rested against's Avaline's arm, while Rowan was staring out the window. The trip to Valeria's Ridge wasn't very long, but it as one that passed through agricultural regions in Nightshade.

As they reached the point, where they could no longer travel in car, Matthew and Adam allowed the royal group to exit the limo. Avaline held Hunter's hand, Rowan took the side of Hunter. While, Ella and Athena led the way to the edge of the Valeria's Ridge. As they reached the cliff top, Avaline and Ella passed a few roses to Hunter, Rowan, and Athena. Together the five of them tossed them into the Crimson Ocean.

Ella peered over her shoulder and met Adam's gaze, before she looked back to the ocean. The same one where Valeria had stood and waited for her true love to return on The Enchantress. Adam joined Ella's side, she silently offered him a few roses. The blonde haired bodyguard took the roses and dropped them into the ocean.

Ella sent Adam a warm smile before she reached up and pulled her rose crown off her brown waves. She held it in her hand, and closed her eyes. Time had stopped as Ella gently flung the rose hair piece into the ocean, before she opened her eyes. Her golden eyes watched as the red roses moved along the waves. A hand gently squeezed the brunette's shoulder, Ella looked at Athena and smiled at her friend.

Ella gathered her brothers, and led them back to the limo. Athena dutifully followed behind her friend. Adam trailed a few steps, while Matthew stood off to the side, to allow Queen Avaline a moment to herself on Valeria's Ridge.

Avaline breathed in the familiar sea salt filled air, the warm breeze blew her blonde hair in her face. She sent a silent prayer to Valeria for good health and judgement, in this trying time in Nightshade.


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