Monday, August 29, 2016

New Fandom OC/ AU Crossover

Hey everyone, so this isn't a story post. As, I've previously posted I have two Power Ranger Original Characters (OC's), Claire and Artemis. Neither of them, exist in the same Power Rangers Universe, since both girls are Tommy and Kimberly's daughters. But Claire's timeline is different from the show (I will eventually post a blog post on this in a few weeks), while Artemis' timeline very much follows how the tv shows aired.

We have a new OC/ AU (Alternate Universe) crossover character... Drumroll please...

Princess Eleanor of Lunaria aka Ella from The Eleanor Chronicles (TEC).

Ella is paired with Prince Phillip of Zandar, the Graphite Ranger. I have started working on their story together, I'm hoping to eventually post it on AO3 with my Clunter (Claire/Hunter) story. But I need to note that is an AU of the TEC'verse. In the main 'verse Ella still has something with Adam, but in this 'verse they're just good friends.

Ella is still the Princess of Lunaria, she still has four brothers. However, the only difference really is who she is paired with. She's been betrothed to Prince Phillip since she was baby, and Phillip was four. I'm going to say that Power Rangers Dino Charge, Ella is nineteen, and Phillip is twenty-three. They haven't publicly announced their engagement, in PRDC episode 10 (The Royal Rangers), however they have to make the announcement because of the false story that Shelby and Tyler planted to the media for Glitz World.

They both arrive in person in PRDC episode 11 (Break Out), when Phillip and Ella travel from Zandar to Amber Beach to reclaim the treasures of Zandar and Lunaria that their families had lent to the museum. In the show it was only Zandar treasures but I would like to imagine that Lunaria and Zandar would both lend for a collection of the two Kingdoms. I easily see, Ella not being pleased that Shelby wore the crown that was on lone. Since this crown is not actually a Lunarian treasure but rather a Grey Light Kingdom treasure, (Queen Avaline's birth Kingdom that was decimated. Avaline is Ella's mom) it would have been the first and only piece that she would have personally collected because it's a priceless piece that Ella cherished.

Queen Avaline gave the crown to Ella on her sixteenth birthday, and it is really a sentimental gift to Ella. Ella left Lunaria not long after her sixteenth birthday to live in Zandar with Phillip and learn more about the country that she would one day become Queen of. Her sixteenth birthday is the last one spent with her family in Lunaria, and the crown was her mother's parting gift. I really want to write the scene for this soon.

Anyway, Ella and Phillip leave at the end of the episode with their blessing to Sir Ivan and the rest of Rangers. However, the pair return in PRDC episode 15/16 (depends on if you count the Halloween special) Rise of the Ranger. Phillip finds the Graphite Energem and isn't chosen right away to be the ranger. There aren't 10 energems but 12, Indigo and Crimson being the two other colors. (Yeah, I love these colors and they pay homage to Clunter who are C&I.)

The Indigo and Graphite Energems are found together, different dinosaurs but the dinos lived in similar areas. Ella and Phillip eventually bond to their respective energems. Phillip returns to Zandar, as he is the Prince and has his own Royal Duties. They both decide that Ella will stay behind with two bodyguards, Adam and one of Phillip's own personal guards. Ella stays with the other Rangers and helps them try to find the other energems.

This PR 'verse will for sure feature more mentions and cameos of Phillip than just randomly showing up at the end of an episode for three sentences. I'm hoping to start this verse in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the rest of the season of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, as I really like Phillip and wish he would get more screen time.

That's all for today. Oh, I didn't post on Friday and I'm sorry. I was working on a piece that I hadn't finished, so hopefully it will be up sometime soon.


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