Monday, August 1, 2016

Unexpected News (TEC)

Princess Eleanor walked through the Royal Gardens, despite the fact that it was a cool autumn day. But the sixteen year old princess didn't mind, she enjoyed the weather. She walked through the leave covered paths and enjoyed the crunch from her steps.
"Excuse me, your highness," a voice called from behind the young female.
Ella turned around and easily recognized Matthew, her mother's body guard and one of the heads of Royal Security. "What is it, Matthew?" The princess asked with concern and slight worry. It wasn't like Matthew to leave her mother unattended.
"Nothing, as grave as your thoughts, Ella. Your father needs you in his office," Matthew informed the young princess. "I shall escort you there."
Ella nodded in reply and gave a soft sigh at the thought of leaving the garden but she knew better than to disobey her father. She led the way out of the gardens back into the palace, Matthew followed diligently behind her. As she reached her father's study, she noticed that Michael, Jason's bodyguard was outside of the office. However, before she could ask any questions, Matthew opened the door and gently nudged the princess inside before closing it behind him.
Ella rolled her eyes at Matthew's actions, but as she examined the occupants in her father's study she felt some worry. She noticed that her mother sat beside her father, while Jason sat in one of the chairs in front of the large antique desk. She also spotted Xander, her father's body guard in the far left corner of the room. But she didn't recognize the man who was standing next to Xander. She tilted her head as she studied the man, he was tall like Jason, maybe taller. He had short brown hair and dark brown eyes. The stranger wore dark clothing that fit him very well.
"Eleanor," the gravely voice of the king, called out.
Ella looked at her father as she stood at attention. "Yes, Your Majesty," she said in small voice.
"Take a seat," he said as he gestured to the seat next to Jason.
Ella immediately moved to sit down next to her brother, her hands were placed daintily in her lap as she looked at her father.
"Eleanor, how old are you?" her father asked in a tone that made Ella realize that she was not going to like whatever her father had called her in for.
"Sixteen, father," Ella replied with gentle sigh. She looked at her mother, hoping that the Queen would give her a hint at what was going on.
Ella did not like the frown that her mother was giving her. Not at all.
"Exactly, you are sixteen years old, Eleanor. You are the only Princess of the Kingdom. And it has come to my attention from both your mother and eldest brother, that you are constantly leaving the grounds without anyone with you. I shall hear no more of this, Eleanor. You will be assigned a body guard and he will go with you wherever you go," the King said in a stern tone as he gave his daughter a pointed look that dared her to speak back.
Ella, however, was just as stubborn, if not more, than her father. She frowned at her mother and turned to glare at her brother. "I never leave the palace, Your Majesty. I merely wander through the gardens. But if you prefer that I have a body guard for your concern of my well being fine," she said as she rose from her seat and left her father's office.
She slammed the door close behind her, and took off running down the hallway. She ran back to the Royal Gardens. Ella knew that her body guard, who was more than likely the unknown man in her father's office would follow.
The young princess came upon the Rose Garden, her father had created these for her mother. She loved the Rose Garden, just as much as she loved her own little meadow but she didn't want to share her private place to her new body guard.
Ella sat one of the benches and smelled some of the few roses that were still in bloom, when she heard the footsteps. She knew that these were the ones that belonged to her body guard.
He came around the corner and entered her line of sight. "Your father is only trying to do his best," her body guard said.
Ella ignored him, she childishly turned her face away from the man who would now follow her everywhere. 'Goodbye privacy' Ella thought as she scanned the bright red roses.
"You're going to be handful, aren't you?" her body guard asked, as if he hadn't picked up the hint that she wanted to be alone.
Ella turned to golden eyes to her body guard. She sent him a fierce glare, one that scared many in the palace.
"Ah, the famous glare that Matthew and Xander were mentioning earlier. I'm not afraid of you, your highness. We will be spending a large amount of time together and we best learn to get along. Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Adam Rosewood."

This was previously posted on my polyvore, I am working on a new TEC piece for either Wednesday or Friday. But I wanted to share the beginning of Ella and Adam. Since he's going to be a very interesting person in her life.


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