Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Look Around (TEC)

Ella smiled as she and Adam traveled farther and farther away from the palace and closer to the city. As they reached city limits, Adam slowed down to allow the eighteen year old the chance to look at their surroundings. Ella took in the sights, while she had been in Nightshade's capital city of Lunaria, it was usually in a limo with her parents or brothers.

She took in the various shops that made up the main avenue. There was so much variety in Lunaria, that it was overwhelming for the princess. But she easily trusted that Adam would show her around the capital. Ella only knew where the various Council and Elder buildings were, but she felt as if she didn't truly know her capital.

Adam pulled the bike to a stop off a side street. He turned off the engine, and removed his helmet. Ella removed her arms from around her bodyguard's waist and did the same. After she removed the helmet from her head, Ella pulled her hair from it's ponytail and smiled at Adam.

The twenty-four year old male, gently grasped Ella's hand in his. And he led them through the small street. They thanked their lucky stars that they hadn't been recognized, but to be fair Ella was not wearing one of her crowns or any of her usual dresses that she typically wore for public appearances. She was instead wearing chunky black booties, burgundy red jeans, a black floral printed top, and a grey knit cardigan. She was also wearing a brown leather backpack, and her cat-eye sunglasses were now on her face, to hide her obvious honey gold eyes.

"Do you think we'll be spotted?" Ella asked as they moved swiftly through the street. She trailed behind Adam, at a moderate pace.

"I don't know, Ella. But I know that I'm starving, and I happen to know that you didn't have much for breakfast this morning," Adam said as they reached a crossing. They had to wait before they could reach the other side of the road.

Ella just glanced around, not letting their stand-still stop her from looking around. She smiled as she spotted a cute little bakery. She wondered what kinds of desserts they had available. She made a note to ask Adam to stop by before they headed back to the palace.

I'll be adding another part on Friday so keep an eye out for it.

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