Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Phone Calls

"Artemis, you have a phone call," a familiar voice said through the door.

The young brunette looked up from her homework, and turned to her aunt. "Who is it?" she asked curiously.
Ashley Hammond gave her niece a soft sigh before answering, "It's your dad, sweetie."

Artemis bit her bottom lip as she contemplated if she should take the call or not. She didn't want her friends to know about her strained relationship with her parents. Obviously, Noah and Gia knew about Artemis' family issues but Emma, Jake, and Troy had no idea that she wasn't close with her parents.

Noah gave her a soft encouraging smile. She nodded her head, and excused herself from the dining room table, where her friends all sat. They were studying for an upcoming math and science test. "I'll be back," she called over her shoulder and walked past her aunt.

"You can take the call in the office," Aunt Ashley softly told her neice.

"Thanks, Aunt Ashley," she replied as she moved to the office. She could hear her Uncle speaking, so she gently knocked on the door.

"Come on in, Artemis," Her uncle called. His voice was muffled from the door but Artemis opened the door and peeked her head through the small crack.

"Hey, Uncle Andros, Aunt Ashley said I could take my phone call in here," she told her uncle, as she noticed that he had the phone against his ear.

Andros nodded, "Of course, I was just catching up with your dad. Here you go."

Artemis accepted the phone in her grasp as her uncle held it out for her. "Thanks Uncle Andros," she said as he got up and moved out of the office.

As the door closed behind her uncle with a soft click, Artemis placed the phone against her ear. "Hello," she murmered into the phone.

"Artemis, hey kiddo, how are you?" Tommy Oliver questioned in enthusiastic mood.

"I'm okay, Dad. How's everything at home?" she asked, she hadn't told her parents about being a Power Ranger. She didn't think that they would believe her.

"It's fine, your mom misses you, a lot," Tommy told his daughter with a slight hinting tone in his voice.

Artemis rolled her eyes, she instantly knew that her dad wanted her to talk to her mom. But she didn't want to do that. Artemis knew that her mom did not want to talk to her, if the last few times that she had talked to her mom were any indication.

"I'm sure she does, dad," Artemis replied in a tone that indicated that she didn't even believe what she was saying. "But her attention right now, seems to be more focused on Aiden."

Tommy sighed at his daughter's answer. "I'm sorry sweetheart. I shouldn't have brought it up. So, your Uncle was telling me about the Power Rangers in Harwood. How cool is that?"

Artemis laughed in an ironic tone, her aunt and uncle had no idea that she was Power Ranger. She had grown up hearing stories from her parents and aunts and uncles about the Power Rangers. And now here she was at sixteen, a fully fledged Power Ranger, the white one, and she couldn't talk to anyone other than her friends about it.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool, dad. They definately seem to work really well as a team," Artemis told her dad.

"Well, that's what being a Power Ranger is all about. You're doing good in school, right?"

"Yup, I have a math and science test in a few days. My friends and I were studying when you called," the brunette told her dad with a fond smile. Artemis remembered when she was twelve, her dad would help her study for her math and science tests. She missed her dad, and her mom but she couldn't live with them.

Artemis tried to hold in the tears at those fond memories, before Aiden's birth. She didn't like her brother, and she had had a lot of issues with her parents when he came into the picture. Her mom had suggested that she live with other relatives for awhile, at least until she was ready to come home and 'play nice' with her brother. That had been three years ago...

"Ah, I'm sorry I bothered you while you were studying-" Tommy started to say.

"Don't worry about it, Dad, we were about ready to take a break anyway. So, thanks. How are Uncle Jason, Uncle Rocky, and Uncle Adam, and the dojo?" Artemis didn't want this to be a super quick call, she did want to talk with her dad for a little bit.

"It's going well, the three of them have some great classes. I'm only teaching one class since I do still teach at Reefside. How's dance going?" her dad reminded her softly.

Artemis got up from her seat and left the office with her phone, and moved back to the dining room. "Dance class is going well, we have a competition in few weeks."

"Really, where at?" Tommy asked slightly shocked but there was excitement in his tone, too.

"Ironicaly enough it's in Reefside," she answered as she had reached the dining room. Her aunt was in the connected kitchen. Artemis saw that Uncle Andros was outside with her cousins. They were playing something, she couldn't tell what, but she could see Ella and David laughing.

"You'll have to call me, when you get here. I want to be able to see you," Her dad insisted as she sat down in her chair.

Her friends all glanced at her and smiled, Noah and Gia had soft smiles.

"Sure, dad, I'll let you know. Aunt Ashley knows most of the information. I can just send it to you by email if you want,"Artemis told her dad as she glanced over at her aunt in silent confirmation.

Ashley nodded her head, as she smiled at her niece.

"Of course, sweetheart, I would love that. Will your friends be coming?" Dad asked curiously.

Artemis bit her lip, as she glanced around the table at her friends. "I'm not sure," she answered honestly in an unsure tone.

"Well, I would love to be able to meet them in person. You don't always include pictures in your emails," her dad replied as he chuckled softly at the end.

Artemis blushed softly, as she realized that she hadn't really sent any pictures of her friends to her dad since Troy's arrival to Harwood. "I'm sorry, dad, I'll ask and let you know. But I'm sure that they would love to meet you too."

Before, Tommy could reply there was a knock coming from his end of the phone. Artemis' heart sank as she realized that it was more than likely her mom. And that her dad would have to leave her. She didn't pay much attention as her dad spoke to her mom. She looked down at her homework and tried to hide her tears.

"I'm sorry, Artemis, I have to go. But I'll be looking for your email. I love you, sweetheart," her dad sorrowfully told her.

"Love you too Dad. I'll send the email tomorrow," she promised, sadness leaking into her voice.

"Alright, goodnight Artemis," Tommy replied.

"Night Dad," she softly said as she hung up the phone. She placed the device beside her text book, and wiped at the tears that were about to fall from her eyes.


So, today I wanted to do a Power Rangers piece, but I didn't want to do Claire. I decided to flesh out Artemis some more. This takes place at some point in Power Rangers Megaforce but before the arrival of Robo Knight.


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