Monday, August 15, 2016

Meet Amelia (MCU) pt. 1

Hi, so today I figured I would do something a little different. Today, I want to go a little deeper into one of my more developed Fandom OC's.

So, don't know who Amelia is, here's a basic summary from my previous blog post:

Amelia Carter-Sousa: Amy is my MCU OC, she's been around since Captain America: Winter Soldier. However, this lady didn't make her first writing debut until January of 2015. She does actually exist in written form on my archiveofourown account. Amy was created originally as a romantic interest for Brock Rumlow (Crossbones) in Cap 2. Amy has since evolved as I've delved deeper in the MCU.

Amy, is a chacter who was originally created as a romantic interest for Crossbones. But she was also meant to be Brock's salvation. Would Brock Rumlow willing go against SHIELD for Hyrdra if the one person he loved was a legacy of SHIELD? Would he risk her safety and life for Hydra?

I didn't think so, but others may have their own opinion on that.

Background: Amelia is the granddaughter of Margaret 'Peggy' Elizabeth Carter; which in turn makes this little lady a SHIELD legacy. A very important one given that her grandmother was the founder of the organization. Her grandfather is Daniel Sousa (yeah, I ship Peggysous so hard). Amy is Peggy's youngest grandchild, she and Daniel have nine in total. Three from each of their children.

Amy's parents are Roger Carter-Sousa and Ellen Hill. Her dad is Peggy's eldest son, and her mom is Maria Hill's older sister. Maria Hill and Tony Stark are her godparents. As Roger, who was named after Captain Steve Rogers, grew up with Tony, it makes sense that he would ask his best friend to be his daughter's godfather.

Amy has two older brothers, Henry and Lucas. She has six cousins, four are boys and two are girls. (These characters are currently underdeveloped, I may eventually develop them more in the future.) She adores both of them but she doesn't really have a great relationship with Luke, because he doesn't agree with her career choice. Henry doesn't have an issue as he's a SHIELD specialist, he's often undercover so most people don't realize that he's a legacy.

Pairings: As I've fleshed out, Amy, I've paired her with different characters. Which as led to different 'verses of Amy. I'll title this the Amy-verse. There are quite a few and even a few within a few.  But let's start with the current MCU pairings.

Brock Rumlow: In this Amy-verse, Amy works with STRIKE, primarily as their Handler. She has a close relationship with Brock, when they first meet they don't always get along but as they've worked together their relationship has changed. There is a 'verse where the couple are secretly married with only Fury and Hill knowing.

Steve Rogers: I think that this is an obvious choice. Amy looks a lot like Peggy, Peggy often flashes back to her time in the 1940's whenever she sees her granddaughter. Steve does see a lot of Peggy in Amy but he also sees Amelia. She helped him adapt to the twenty-first century. They don't really start any kind of romance until maybe sometime in Avengers: Infinity War. But they have a close friendship and mutual respect for one another.

Bucky Barnes: Now, this one is an interesting pairing because this is really in an AU of MCU. If Bucky hadn't chosen to go back into cryo-sleep. I want to think that he would have been a wonderful protector for Amy. I could easily imagine during Captain America: Civil War, when Sam and Bucky are in the Volkswagon, Amy would be in the back. She would have practically glued herself to the back driver side to give the Winter Soldier some more room, since Sam won't scoot his chair up. I'd like to think that during the scene where Scott meets Steve for the first time, that Amy would be sitting on the roof of the bug. Bucky would just give her a small smile.

-xxx- I'll leave it here for today. But I'll give you more info on Amy and MCU on Wednesday. 


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