Friday, August 5, 2016

Escape of Haven

The resounding blare of a horn, woke me from my sleep. I sat up in bed and looked around my room, I was familiar with the sound of that horn. I quickly got out of bed and began to throw on more suitable clothes. I pulled my long locks into a braid and ran towards the clearing.

Chaos was happening all over as I left my little hut. The White Elms were ablaze, as were the surrounding fields. There were so much terror as various people fled and hid. Some screamed and some cried, it was difficult to see. The smoke that was in the air, made it difficult to breathe. But ran and kept running until I had reached the Haven.

"Zarnak!" I called aloud and mentally, to try and wake her.

"Livera," the familiar voice replied in my head. As a growl could be heard from inside the Haven.

"We must leave, now," I commanded as I sprinted inside and ran towards the familiar indigo colored scales that belonged to my dragon.

Zarnak gave a soft cry in response as I climbed up her back, while I didn't have my riding harness, I knew that I had to leave with her. I glanced around and noticed that were a few other dragons who were missing. This gave me hope that they had escaped with their riders. They were only a few dragons who remained in the Haven, but I could hear footsteps which caused me to turn around. I raised my hands ready to fight off whoever had entered the Haven.

"Calm yourself, Livera. Tis only Ker," Zarnak softly murmured in my mind. I nodded in acknowledgment to  her comment but I was still wary.

Sure enough, the familiar features of Ker, his bright green eyes were visible to me. "Ker," I sighed out in relief as I ran towards my fellow rider.

"Livera," he mumbled into my hair as he hugged me to him. "I'm so glad you are safe."

"Ker, where are the others?" I asked quickly as we prepared Zarnak and Tsi, Ker's golden dragon.

"I do now know, But hopefully they will escape with their dragons," Ker answered as we both climbed aboard our respective flyers. "I shall see you at The Moorshire," he called out as our dragons took flight.

I watched as Ker and Tsi flew off, in a different direction than my own. I silently cried as I prayed that the other riders and dragons would escape the Haven.


I'm sorry for not posting on Wednesday. I was busy with filling out job applications and I was working on this piece. I'm not completely happy with it, but if I go back and finish I'll hopefully have something better. I've always wanted to write a fantasy piece and the idea of dragons has been one that I've been playing with in my head for awhile.

Let me know what you think

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