Friday, July 8, 2016

You're Safe

She couldn't believe it. Was it really him?

Amy didn't believe her eyes anymore, her exhaustion from Secretary Ross' endless questioning made her question everything. The SHIELD agent, sagged against the chains that kept her from falling, she had been up right since she had arrived at the Raft. Amelia had been taken into questioning immediately upon arrival.

The brunette stared tiredly at the bright blue eyes that looked at her through the glass. "You're not real," she mumbled as she closed her eyes. Amy couldn't feel her feet, even though she knew that they were on the ground or maybe they weren't. Maybe she was on her toes, Amy couldn't be too sure anymore. She had been kept awake for a solid five days, with little rest.

Amelia didn't trust that he was really in front of her. She could vaguely hear his familiar voice telling her to hold on. She closed her eyes for a few seconds but opened them instantly when someone touched her arms, that were above her. Her brown eyes couldn't focus on who was in front of her, it was blurry like someone had placed a semi-see through bag over her head. She could make shapes and some color but nothing too serious. Her instincts were on high, as she to fight against the person touching her, she instinctively pulled herself up and gave a kick with both legs to the intruder. 

"Amy, Amy calm down!" Another familiar voice echoed in her small cell, this one was the most familiar to her. 

"Amelia Margaret," the same voice murmured as a set of hands rested against her cheeks.

"Uncle Clint," Amy gurgled in a hoarse voice. She tried to clear her throat but she was a jumbled mess.

"Shh, it's okay, Melia, it's okay. Steve's going to let you down. You're safe sweetheart, you're safe," Clint told her.

Amy knew when her arms had been released from the pipe that they had hanging from. She sagged her full weight against her Uncle.

Clint adjusted the sudden feeling of Amy's weight with a few steps. "Steve, you take her. Wanda needs me more right now," Clint told his friend. He knew that he could trust the soldier with his niece.

Steve nodded as he stepped forward to get the brunette who looked so much like her grandmother. Steve cradled her tightly to his chest, while he didn't know what Wanda, Amy, Scott, Sam, and Clint had gone through during their time in the Raft. He knew that they were true friends, and his heart broke at the realization that they had been held captive because they had helped him.

"I'm sorry, Amy. I promise that I will make everything better," he vowed as he and the rest of Team Cap walked out of the Raft.

I totally want to write more for this but I can't really think of anything else. So, this was an Amy-Verse week. I'm sure I'll have another in the future. And the first line was a random first line generator. Same from last week. 

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