Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Nanny

His solution to the problem of having two children to care for, was to find another woman to do the job. He knew that his children were not going to have it, but what choice did he have but to find but another nanny. Tom sighed and picked up his phone to make the call for another classified ad in the paper.

A few days later, his secretary began the screening process for the new nanny. Tom understood the frustration that Lillian felt, as she was once again distracted from her task of helping Tom with their new business deal. But she never once complained about the distraction, she had taken a liking to Tom's two children.

While, Lucas and Avalon were both only four and two, he knew that they didn't like having nannies. But, what choice did Tom have? Ella's passing during Ava's arrival hadn't been something that he had planned on. While, he had been given his little girl; he had lost his wife. He missed her and constantly went to her grave, sometimes with Luke and Ava, sometimes without.

But the fact that this was the third nanny in a span of four months, was beginning to drive him up the wall. Tom could not understand what was wrong with the blasted nannies. While, he didn't want to believe that his children were the problem, he wasn't entirely convinced that they were entirely innocent. Or rather that Luke was, as Ava was  only two, she wasn't going to be too much trouble. Tom knew that his son was a mischievous  fellow.

He softly sighed as he looked over at his napping children. Ava was softly sleeping on the leather couch, she was cuddled into the back cushions with her teddy bear. Luke was sprawled out on the other end of the couch, his left arm and leg were dangling over the edge of the couch, his blanket was at his feet. Luke had managed to kick it all the way down.

Tom adored his children, he could easily see Ella in their features and while it did hurt him to see those familiar features that belonged to his dead wife; he knew that she wouldn't want him to miss out on anytime with his children. He got up and moved the blanket back over Luke, he gently moved his son closer to the back so he didn't fall off the couch. He placed a kiss on both of their foreheads as they slept.

This could be a future piece to last Friday's Unexpected Meetings. I haven't fully decided whether it is or isn't.

This was another first sentence prompt. Let me know what you think.

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