Monday, July 25, 2016

First Meetings (TEC)

Ella's honey gold eyes glanced at the envoy from the Evermoon Kingdom. She stood on her father's left, while her eldest brother Jason stood on her father's right. Her other brothers were just behind her and Jason. She peeked out of the corner of her eye to see that Jason was wearing a frown. The young princess wondered what would put a frown on her brother's face.
 "Greetings, Prince Damian, welcome to Nightshade," her father called out as he nodded in greeting towards the envoy. Ella snapped her attention back to the envoy, she studied the man was Prince Damian. She had never met the prince but there were many stories surrounding the prince that made her instantly wary of him. The brunette princess studied the Prince, he was tall, about as tall as Jason if not a little taller. Ella knew that Jason stood at six feet one inch tall. Prince Damian had brown hair that reminded her of the earth that was freshly dug up in the royal gardens. What surprised her was the dark brown, almost black eyes that met her gaze as she finally studied his face. Prince Damian raised an eyebrow at her, with a soft smirk as he greeted her father. "Thank you, Your Majesty. I am sorry that word was not sent of my inclusion with the envoy." Ella looked at the bricked ground and rolled her eyes. She could hear a soft snort that came behind her, if she were to wager a guess she would think that it was her brother, Skylar. She would have done the same had she not been beside her father. "It is not an issue, Prince Damian. Please allow me to introduce you to the rest of the Royal family. My eldest son, Prince Jason," the King said with a wave of his hand. He gestured to his right. Prince Damian shook hands with Ella's and gave the traditional bowing. Ella could see that the two were sizing up one another. Ella sighed softly in frustration at her brother's stupidity. Once the contest was done, her father gently nudged Ella forward. "And this is my eldest daughter, Princess Eleanor," her father informed the Prince. Ella bowed her head and curtsied to the foreign Prince.
 Once she rose, Prince Damian stepped forward and grasped her right hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you Princess Eleanor," he greeted as he bowed to place a kiss upon on her gloved hand.
 "And you as well, Prince Damian. Your reputation on your looks proceeds you," the Princess replied as she smirked at the prince. "If you will excuse me, I have other matters that I must attend to," she excused herself from the meeting. The princess spun and returned the castle. Ella could feel Prince Damian's gaze on her as she entered her home to find her mother and attend to her Princess duties.

So, this is the first Ella piece that I've written, and I really like the title because it's the first meeting of Ella. But it is also Ella's first time meeting Prince Damian. Kinda a fun twist that I created.

There is more to The Eleanor Chronicles, that I will be adding here to the blog. I will let you know if the piece is all new or if it's been previously posted. You find the corresponding polyvore set to this piece here.


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