Monday, July 11, 2016

Princess Nominations

"Artemis, hurry up or we'll be late!" The voice of Lizzie, my cousin and best friend yelled.

I quickly made my way down the stairs with my bedroom door shutting behind me. "Alright Lizzy, I'm coming. Jeez, don't have a cow," I muttered as I stood in front of my cousin. "Besides, it's like my dad would seriously leave without me."

Lizzie rolled her eyes as she pushed me out the front door, with bye yelled over her shoulder to mom. "Come on, I don't want to be late."

"Lizzie, it's not the first day of school. It doesn't matter, if we're early or not. They'll announce the Winter Princess's nominations over morning announcements," I told as we got into my dad's waiting car.

As dad pulled out of the driveway, he looked at Lizzie through the rear-view mirror. "Lizzie, you'll be nominated. I'm sure of it," my dad tried to sooth my cousin as we made our way to school.

"Yeah, Lizzie, you're one of the most popular girls in school. Other than Ella, but each year has four nominations for Winter Princess and Prince," I reminded her as we finally reached town. We passed through the sleepy town of Eden Falls, there were a few places that were open like the local coffee shops and breakfast diners. But none of the little boutiques, like mom's store, were open and they wouldn't be until around ten.

I could easily feel Lizzie roll her eyes at me, even without seeing my brunette cousin. "Thanks for the reminder, Artemis," Lizzie said in groan.

I shared a look with my dad at Lizzie's theatrics, they weren't new and we were used to them. Actually, the entire family was. 

"Lizzie, you'll be nominated, don't worry about it," I tell her reassuringly as I turn to look at her over the seat. I wanted to give her a hug, but since I was in the front, I wasn't able to but I knew how much she wanted this nomination.

Seph and Ayden had both been nominated, and had both won Winter Princess and Prince. It was kind of a family tradition. Even Aunt Sarah had won Winter Princess, when she had attended Eden Falls High. Dad had won Winter Prince, too. Henry and Christian had both been nominated, and both of my brothers won. I didn't think that I would be nominated. I didn't have high hopes for it, most people in school didn't really like me that much. The only reason that I was part of the popular crowd was because of Lizzie and Ella.

"I hope so," she mumbled as she turned to look out her window.

I softly sighed before I turned back to face the front. I knew that there wasn't much else to say and I wasn't going to try and force a conversation with her. Thankfully, dad pulled up in front of the school before the silence could get too awkward.

"Alright, here we go. I'll see you when I get home Artemis. And I'll see you at breakfast, tomorrow, Elizabeth," Dad said as Lizzie got out of the car. I quickly unbuckled and grabbed my bag from my feet and made to follow after my cousin. "Artemis, look after her," Dad added as Lizzie had already left and was walking towards the front.

"I will dad. I'll see you tonight. Love you," I replied as I looked at my dad.

"I love you, too," he said as I closed the door. I gave him a wave before I turned and made my way up the stairs towards the doors.

Once, I reached the front of the school, I found Lizzie, Ella, and a the rest of popular crowd from freshman to seniors all crowded in front of the bulletin board. I rolled my eyes as I walked past, I wasn't interested in the nominations. I reached my locker and quickly sorted through my bag to put the books that I would need later in my locker and grab the ones that I needed right away.

After I finished my task, I closed my locker and made my way up to the third floor for Spanish. Ugh, stairs, how I can't stand you. I thought as I climbed quickly to get to class. I entered my class and slipped into my assigned seat and pulled out the book that I was reading before class started.

Twelve minutes later the final bell rang, and morning announcements began. And finally the nominations for Winter Princess and Prince were called out for the whole school to hear.

And that's where I'm leaving this today. I'm thinking that I'll add to this either Wednesday or in a few weeks. Did Lizzie or Ella get nominated? Did Artemis? We'll see soon enough.

Love you all


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