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Happy Birthday Steve (Part 2)

July 4, 2016

"Steve, I'm not sure this is a good idea," Amy muttered from just behind her friend. Her dark locks were tucked away into a black hoodie as she looked around the path that they were walking on. The former SHIELD agent didn't see any immediate threats but that didn't mean that they weren't there, waiting in the shadows for the pair to drop their guard.

"Relax, Amy. We'll be fine, we won't be here long for anyone to realize. I just... I just need to..." Steve trailed off as he thought of why they were heading towards the ominous black iron gates that weren't too far in front of them.

Amy shifted anxiously and constantly was looking around them, without being obvious of her constant surveillance. She was a SHIELD agent after all, she knew how to be subtle, not to mention she had grown up learning spy tactics from her Nana. As she glared at the gates, she could feel the sadness from both her and Steve begin to manifest into an uncomfortable tension.

Steve clutched the flowers in his hand tighter. While, Amy reached out and wrapped her arms around his right arm. She had unconsciously left his side open, Bucky had always been on Steve's left for as long as Amy had been hearing stories about Captain America and his best friend Sgt. Barnes. Amelia had taken the mantle of Peggy Carter, just five years ago when she had first met America's Hero.

Together, the aesthetically looking couple to anyone in the viewing vicinity, made their way inside the gates of the small cemetery. They walked slowly and quietly through the quiet emptiness until they reached the desired row. Amy followed just behind Steve as he first reached the headstone that belonged to one Margaret 'Peggy' Elizabeth Carter-Sousa. He crouched down in front of the gray stone, his fingers brushed against the engraved P.

Amy stepped back and instead moved to the headstone that was to her Nana's right. The one that belonged to her Pop-Pop, with slightly worn engraving. This plot belonged to Daniel Sousa, the Deputy Director of SHIELD in it's starting days. The one man who Amelia was named after, and had spent only a few years with before he had passed. Tears clouded Amelia's eyes as she sat down in front of her Pop-Pop's grave. She hadn't seen him since she was six years old. Amy just sat and stared at the letters that spelled her grandfather's name, she softly cried as she thought of how little time she had with him. Especially compared to all of her brother's and cousins.

Meanwhile, Steve placed the small bouquet of flowers in front of Peggy's headstone. He didn't know what to say. So, he stayed silent for a few minutes. As he crouched their in front of Peggy's grave, he remembered a promise he had given Peggy only last year. "I'll protect her, Peg," he whispered as he glanced over at his lost love's youngest grandchild.

Steve stood up and made his way towards Amy, he pulled her into a hug. As she sobbed into his chest. He just rubbed her back up and down and laid his head on top of her's as the sat in front Daniel Sousa's grave. While, he had never met the man, Steve knew that he had suggested the name of his and Peggy's eldest to be named Roger. He murmured soothing words to his close friend and just held her as she cried. Steve knew that it wasn't just Daniel, she was crying about. He could easily guess that it was also about the loss of Peggy and even the Sokovian Accords.

Amy had lost so much that day at the airport, she had lost Tony and Rhodey. Her father's two closest and oldest best friends, her godfather and uncles. He blamed himself for her loss, but Steve knew that Amy held the burden much more.

Eventually, Amy's sobs subsided into little hiccups. As she pulled away, Steve studied Amy's face. Even with swollen red eyes, she still looked so much like Peggy. He gently brushed a strand of her wavy hair behind her ear, and gently reached back to tug her hood back up over her chocolate locks. "You alright?" He asked gently as he wiped a stray tear from her cheek with his thumb.

The young SHIELD agent nodded as her brown eyes met Steve's blue eyes. "Yeah, we should go. We've probably spent too much time here. I don't think we should really be in Europe or the States for the time being, what with Secretary Ross making us Wanted Felons," Amy said as she stood up. She brushed the front of her jeans as Steve righted himself.

"Did you want to say anything?" he asked as he gestured to Peggy's gravestone just behind him.

Amy bit her lower lip as she contemplated the idea. "Not right now. I think she knows I'm okay," Amelia answered honestly.

"Alright, let's get going," Steve said, as he wrapped his right arm around her shoulder.

Together they made their way out of the cemetery. Once they passed the gates and had reached the cobblestone road, Amy turned to look at Steve. "Happy Birthday Steve."
Disclaimer: Any recognizable characters ie. Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers, and Daniel Sousa rightfully and legally belong to Marvel. I'm merely writing with them and not making any money from this work. This is a fanfiction piece, however Amelia is my character.

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