Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Morning Walks (TEC)

It had become a part of Ella's morning routine, after breakfast, to take a long walk through the gardens. The habit began not long after the arrival of Prince Damian. Ella didn't like the visiting royal and to avoid him at all costs, she had begun to take walks through the gardens.

But even after the foreign royal had left, Ella had continued to walk through the gardens. Of course, Adam Rosewood, the princess' bodyguard went with her. He enjoyed the walks, as it often gave them time to get to know each other better.

Ella often teased her bodyguard, as they walked together through the gardens. The brunette princess often had a mug with her as they enjoyed the seasonal flowers. Adam would have his own thermos of coffee, he needed it to keep up with his charge.

They would walk through the gardens for an hour, at least before they headed back inside the palace. Adam at times would have to force her back inside especially during the warm spring mornings. Or the crisp autumns but they had become close friends during their walks, even though within the palace walls they were Princess and bodyguard they were close to one another.


This is part of the Eleanor Chronicles, with no dialogue. I do have a corresponding set from my polyvore. Morning Walks

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