Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Worried Sick

Diana Halloway sat next to her cousin and friend, as they enjoyed the quiet afternoon. "I can't believe Aunt Artemis, Uncle Scott, and Uncle Zane had to leave you to babysit today," Diana told Athena, as she looked at her mahogany haired cousin.

"Honestly, I'm not that upset. With Ryder and Venus suddenly getting sick, it's makes sense that I'm here with Calliope. Besides, Archer and Nate are only running the perimeter with Dad gone. Besides, Calli, knows better than to cause trouble with me," Athena pointed out as she looked down at Calliope, who was sitting in recliner that belonged to Archer, when he came home from college.

Calliope looked up from the book in her lap, "I can hear you, Diana," the six year old contemptuously mumbled as she met Diana's blue-grey eyes, that were a St. Rose signature color.

Diana frowned before she got up and knelt in front of Calliope's seat. "I'm sorry, Calli, I'm just worried about Venus and Ryder. I didn't mean to make it sound as if you were causing trouble," the sixteen year old apologized with a soft blush at being called out on her comment.

Calliope frowned, her brow furrowed as she met Diana's pleading stare. "I'm worried too, Diana. It's my twin sister and baby brother, who are sick. I miss Vee," the little told her cousin, a soft sob escaping at the mention of her twin sister's name.

Diana didn't say anything, she instead reached up and pulled Calliope into her arms. The little girl sobbed as she looked over Diana's shoulder to find Athena. The mahogany haired girl, moved just behind Diana and grasped Calliope's hand tightly in her own. All of them were worried, it didn't make sense for Venus and Ryder to get sick, at least not as sick as they had gotten.

Athena looked in the doorway, and met Archer's gaze as he looked at them. The twenty year old, werewolf and warlock sat down beside Diana and just rubbed Calliope's back. Nate sat just behind Calliope, ready to catch her when she pulled away from Diana. The silent room was filled with worry and concern for the two missing Evermoon St. Rose Conway siblings.

Sorry for not posting on Monday. It slipped my mind, but I am excited so share more stories about Eden with you all.


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