Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Early Gifts (TAG)

Sixteen year old Ella Rosewood sat in the kitchen with a notebook and pen in front of her. She had a list of names written on the sheet. She looked at the names with a small frown, as she contemplated what she should give to her 'brothers' for Christmas. Some would be easy to do but others were difficult; and there was her 'dad', grandma, Brains, and Creighton-Ward family members to think about as well.

The mahogany haired female sighed in frustration, and pouted before she shoved her notebook to the other side of the counter. She crossed her arms on the counter and placed her head on her arms. She closed her eyes as she tried to think of gifts.

Virgil, Gordon, and Alan would be easy to get gifts for, as they had been hinting for a while at what they each wanted. Ella had gotten Virgil some new sheet music of some of his favorite songs, and a notebook of blank sheet music for him to write his own music. Gordon would be receiving some new swim shorts and full year subscription to a video app that he enjoyed. Alan's gift was a scrapbook of family pictures, most of their mom before her accident; with some funny stories that Ella wanted to share with her baby brother.

Since John and Scott were both gone, and no one knew if they would be coming home for Christmas, Ella had a harder time thinking of something. John was away at college, studying to be an astronaut like dad. And Scott was serving the GDF Air Force, as a pilot. But neither had been sure, if they would be returning to Tracy Island for Christmas, much to everyone's dismay. But Ella had no idea what to gift her brothers who wouldn't be home. Ella sighed again, before she closed her eyes.

A hand gently patted the top of her head, and Ella looked up to see her dad on the other side of the kitchen counter. "What's got you so sad, Ella?" Jeff Tracy asked his daughter.

While, Ella wasn't a biological Tracy, she was still very much a Tracy child. Jeff and Lucy had raised the dark haired beauty since she was a baby, after her parents had died in a car crash. Jeff missed his friends Christian and Elizabeth Rosewood, but Ella had helped him and Lucy mourn them a little easier as they knew that she wasn't gone.

"I can't figure out what to get Scott and John for Christmas. I have everyone else's gifts done, but I don't know what to get Scott or John," Ella explained sadly as she sat up and looked at her dad.

Jeff hmed in understanding, "Well, let's think about that, what did you get them last year?" Jeff asked her as he moved to the fridge and began to pull out various ingredients for dinner.

"I gave John a magazine subscription to his favorite one for three years. And Scott got sent a box of Christmas treats," Ella reminded her dad as she got off her seat and moved around to the other side. She grabbed some of the vegetables and fruit and started to rinse them off.

"Well, what do you want to give them?" her father asked his sixteen year old daughter as he pulled out some burgers and hot dogs.

Ella shrugged, "I don't know, I just want them to come home. I mean, John came home last year for Christmas but he didn't stay for long. And Scott couldn't get leave."

Jeff nodded in understanding, "I know, Ella, have you tried asking your brothers what they're getting Scott and John?"

"Yup," Ella replied while she popped the p. "Virgil won't share, but Gordon and Alan decided to do a joint gift."

Jeff chuckled and shook his head, "I should have guessed as much. Maybe you should send both of your brothers Christmas treats. I remember Scott telling me that he enjoyed his gift last year."

Ella looked at her dad with wide eyes, "Really? But I don't want them to think that I'm being lazy."

Jeff stopped prepping the burgers and turned to face Ella. "Ella, I don't think they'll believe that. Your brothers, all five of them, know that you spend a lot of time and effort into anything you bake. Besides, your cookies are always better than Grandma's," Jeff conspiratorially whispered to his daughter, as he looked around the room. As if he was expecting Grandma Tracy to come out from around the corner.

Ella laughed at her Dad's comment. A familiar voice came from the living room, "I heard that, Jeff Tracy."

Ella stopped and with wide eyes watched as Grandma Tracy appeared in front of the counter with her arms crossed as she looked back and forth between her son and granddaughter.

"And I was going to give your gift early," Grandma sighed as she frowned at the pair.

Ella moved to join Grandma, and wrapped her arms around the elderly woman. "I'm sorry Grandma," Ella told her Grandma with a soft frown.

Grandma sighed but held Ella tightly to her. Ella was her only granddaughter, and the sixteen year old had already two mothers, one father, and two sets of grandparents. She easily recalled the day when Jeff and Lucy had brought her home. Scott, John, and Virgil had were all under her care when she came into the Tracy home. Scott had been six, John was four, and Virgil was two. Ella had only been a few months old. Scott and John didn't understand why they were getting a new sibling, a sister at that. Virgil hadn't really understood what was happening, and didn't care that much.

Grandma melted as she held Ella, "Alright, then, you can come in now," Grandma called out as she pressed her cheek against the top of Ella's dark curls. Ella was quite short, especially in comparison to her brothers. She was only five feet tall and Grandma suspected that she wouldn't get much taller than that.

Ella pulled away from Grandma with a confused look as she looked towards the living room. There in the entrance were Scott and John Tracy. She shrieked in delight before she left go of her grandmother and launched herself at her twenty-two and twenty year old brothers. She could hear her dad's chuckle resonate through the room as Ella held onto her brothers.

Jeff and Grandma Tracy watched the scene with happiness. Ella held a close relationship with both Scott and John, and with them gone she missed both of them. As Jeff watched his daughter and eldest son interact he couldn't help but wonder if Lucy had been right when she said that Scott and Ella were meant for each other. He easily watched as Scott was constantly touching Ella in someway, and she was doing the same thing.

Maybe Lucy was right when she said that Scott would make Ella a Tracy.

Another Ella Tracy piece, I'm just feeling the feels for this family. Especially since I've been binge watching the episodes like crazy the last few days. Let me know if you want more Christmas pieces with them.


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