Monday, December 5, 2016

Winter Blues (TAG)

Ella Tracy sighed as she looked out the window, it was warm in the South Pacific. The twenty-three year old female easily recalled the early years where it actually snowed on Christmas. Of course, that had been back when they lived in Kansas, when Alan had been a baby, not a sixteen year old teenager. She remembered that she had to beg Scott and John to play with her, Virgil, and Gordon outside. But her pout and bright green eyes finally made the elder Tracy's crave and play outside with her. Oh, the fun that they had had, and the trouble they had gotten into. She smiled as thought of Scott breaking one of the windows with a snowball. Or how he had lifted her up so she could put the hat on their snowman, that was taller than her.

She missed those times, before they had lost their mom to an avalanche. Winter hadn't been the same without Lucy Tracy, and Ella suspected that was partly why their dad had moved them to an island in the South Pacific that rarely got snow. Ella looked out at the turquoise blue water that was the Pacific Ocean, and frowned.

Alan and Virgil Tracy looked their sister-in-law/surrogate sister with concerned faces. Alan was worried about his sister, he knew that Ella became melancholy during December. He was never sure why, but she had been like this for a few years. Ella had taken on a motherly role, after they had lost their mom. But he loved his sister, even though she hadn't been adopted by their parents, she was still a Tracy. She just hadn't inherited the last name, until she had gotten married to Scott, but she had always been a Tracy.

Virgil knew that his sister was going through her winter blues, even if it didn't look like winter outside. The brown-gold eyed artist watched as Ella got lost in her thoughts. Christmas had been her favorite holiday as a kid. She had always been dragging him and the rest of the boys out to do various winter activities. During the the first snow, Ella always made sure that she, Scott, John, Gordon, a baby Alan, and himself were outside for a few minutes to enjoy the quiet snow fall. Of course, she had been wrapped in a million layers and looked like a marshmallow, but she never seemed to care.

Virgil gently nudged his brother with his shoulder. Alan looked at his brother who wore a lot of flannel, with a raised eyebrow. Virg gestured to Ella and gave Alan a pointed look. The youngest Tracy sighed but followed his brother's silent order. He moved to where Ella was, and sat next to his sister.

"Whatcha thinking about?" he asked brightly as he looked at his sister.

Ella's attention moved from the window to her baby brother, "Snow," she answered with a soft smile. Before she reached out and gently ruffled his blonde hair.

Alan ducked and tried to swat at his sister's hand, "Ella," he whined as he wiggled on the small window seat.

"I don't think so, little brother," she replied with a tinkle of laughter as she moved from ruffling Alan to tickling him instead.

The sixteen year old squirmed away from his sister, but he was moving so erratically that he fell off the window seat. Ella giggled at the sight of Alan as a pile of limbs, but she reached down and helped him back up. "Sorry, Alan," she mumbled as they sat in the window seat.

Alan just smiled at his sister, and together they watched the blue waves outside. "Sorry, we don't get snow here, Ella," Alan said as he looked at his sister.

"It's fine, Alan, I haven't had a Christmas with snow since you were eight and I was fifteen," Ella answered with a soft smile. "It's just a long time to go without a white Christmas."


I have officially entered the Thunderbirds 'verse with this piece. I love the Thunderbirds (both shows), and I've been playing around with the idea of Ella Tracy in head for a while. I'll try to write more pieces with her and her relationship with the Tracy family in the coming weeks and months.


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