Monday, December 19, 2016

Little Sisters

Athena St. rose sighed as she looked at the large amount of snow that covered the ground. The sixteen almost seventeen year old female shivered in her winter coat, as she walked around Coven grounds. The witchling gazed in the woods and spotted the familiar furry and blurred shapes that belonged to the Evermoon pack. She easily spotted her half brothers and Papa, in the treeline.

Both Archer and Nate were different colors, and depending on the time of day, one was easier to see than the other. But Athena knew what to look for, when it came to werewolves. She waved at the trio, as they stood watch over the Coven. She was watching some of the children, as a group had wanted to go outside and play in the snow. Athena had volunteered to go with the group and watch them.

Of course, Athena's mother, Artemis, the Coven's High Priestess and Coven Leader knew that the trio of wolves would be watching, as well. Athena looked very much like her mother, but the main difference were her eyes, while her mother had the St. Rose blue-grey, almost silver colored eyes; Athena had her father's ocean blue-green colored eyes.

"Athena, come on, you're meant to be playing with us," the voice of her little sister, Calliope called from the top of a large snow mountain.

Calliope threw a snowball, at her big sister. As the ball hit, Athena in the shoulder she scoffed, "Calliope Jane," Athena exclaimed as she ran towards her sister.

Calliope squealed as she spun and tried to slide down the hill, to escape Athena. But she wasn't able to get far, because she was stopped her own twin, Venus. "Venus, let me go," Calliope whined as she tried to swat away her sister's hand that had caught the hood of her white jacket.

Venus shook her head as she jumped on top of her twin. The pair began to roll and slide down the hill. Athena sighed as she watched her sisters end up at the bottom of the mountain. She shook her head and tapped her right foot as she pursed her lips.

Before she could say anything, two wolves moved forward from the tree line. The black wolf was the girls' oldest brother, twenty-year old Archer; while the white wolf was eighteen year old Nate. Each picked up one of the two, by the scruff of their coats, and seperated them before they could break out into a fight that involved small fists or accidental bursts of magic.

"Thanks, Archer, Nate," Athena said as she jumped from the top of the small mountain, to land on her feet. She looked at her two sisters, who each struggled to escape from their brothers' grasp.

"Athena!" Both whined and whimpered as they looked at their sister.

The red head frowned but nodded to both Nate and Archer. The wolves promptly released the twins, and watched as they moved towards Athena and wrapped themselves around her legs.

Athena became slightly unbalanced, and fell on to her back with a sister attached to each leg. But she didn't complain, instead she just moved her arms and legs back and forth. Her sisters each let go and followed her example.

They stood up and took a step back, the twins smiled as they saw the snow angels.

The moment came to an end when on of the other children called for Athena. She turned her attention to the others, and moved forward to help them as they built a large snowman. The witchling kept an eye on her sisters and the others, as she moved around to help the various groups of children.

"Athena," a little voice that belonged to her cousin, Beth, called out.

Athena crouched down in front of Beth, "What is it, Beth?" The sixteen year old asked as she looked at her cousin, she reached out and brushed a stray blonde curl behind her ear.

"When can we head back inside? Mom and Aunt Artemis promised us hot chocolate," Beth asked as she looked at Beth with wide blue-grey eyes, that matched Persephone and Artemis'.

Athena looked at the kids and saw the same curious look in each of their own eyes. "We'll go in, in five minutes. In the mean time," Athena said as she grabbed a bundle of snow and crunched it together in to a ball. "SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!" the teenager yelled as she threw the ball in the direction of Archer.

The wolf playfully howled but retorted with kicking snow in the direction of Venus and Calliope. Chaos immediately erupted as white snow in various sizes were being thrown at anyone and everyone. Athena smiled and laughed as she and her older brothers joined in and threw snow.

Here's a piece on Athena and a look into Artemis's future. I'm still working on ages but I realized that she's forty-seven or a newly turned forty-eight in this piece. It's crazy because we've met five of her children, Archer, Nate, Athena, Calliope, and Venus. This does hint a maybe who she ends up with or does it?


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