Friday, December 23, 2016

Beneath the Mistletoe (TEC)

Delia's grey blue eyes looked around the ballroom of the Nightshade Castle. The Princess of Stardune enjoyed the rose gold and marble theme. The Princess easily recognized the hosting family for the event. The Nightshade family were well known for hosting their annual Christmas Balls, and they were always the talk of the various kingdoms.

"I see you're enjoying yourself, for once," a familiar voice said from Delia's left. The mahogany haired princess turned to see Princess Eleanor or Ella as Delia called her.

"Ella," Delia happily greeted as she pulled her friend into a hug. "This is beautiful, I love the theme, and your dress. I'm surprised you didn't wear something in either rose gold or marble."

"And blend into the decorations?!?! Ha! Besides mother insisted that gold would look better against the piano," Ella muttered as she looked at her.

Delia nodded in understanding, "Well, this dress suits you, Ella. The gold makes your eyes shine even brighter. Your family looks excited."

Ella inclined her head as she looked at her friend. "You mean, Jason, and he's really miserable. He would much rather be doing anything else than attend the ball," Ella answered her friend.

The Stardune Princess's cheeks flushed a soft pink color. She had a crush on the eldest child and Crown Prince of Nightshade but she knew that he didn't want her. Delia recalled hearing a conversation between Jason, Prince Damien of Evermoon, and Prince Wesley of Avisteria. They had been talking about Princesses that they would never consider for their future wives. All three of them had adamantly decided that she was not worthy of their attention. Delia's heart had shattered because she and Jason had been such good friends, despite that he was three years older than her.

The friendship between the pair had crumbled easily, with Delia avoiding Jason at all costs. She rarely left her own Kingdom, and when she did, it was because Jason was usually visiting Stardune. She doubted he even realized that he hadn't seen her in two years.

"Ella," Delia mumbled, embarrassed from Ella's statement.

Ella looked at her one of closest friends, she could see the tears that were beginning to cloud her grey blue eyes. The Nightshade princess reached out and grasped her friend's hand. "I'm sorry, Delia. Let's ignore my brother. I love your dress, the soft lilac looks lovely on you."

"Thank you, Ella," Delia answered with a soft smile. She wiped a finger against the outer corner of her right eye, to keep the tears from falling.

Ella moved towards the music maestro, she whispered something into his ear. As Ella pulled way, he nodded and tapped his music stand. Delia watched as Ella made her way back, but she was suspicious and didn't fully trust her friend.

Delia sighed and walked out of the ballroom, she made her way towards the Royal Gardens. King Erivine had created them for Queen Avaline, and Delia always enjoyed visiting the gardens as a child. Of course, the Stardune Princess knew that King Erivine had created a section for Ella, that was for Ella's personal enjoyment.

She walked amongst the flowers and ignored the chill that was beginning to fall through the grounds. Delia stopped to enjoy the roses that were named after Queen Avaline, the Avelia's. They were the most beautiful to Delia, the roses were a soft lilac color and just large enough to hold in palm of her hand.

"You know, mother never understood how the roses became the lilac color," a voice called from behind her.

Delia straightened before she slowly turned to look at Nightshade's Crown Prince, Jason. "They're beautiful, despite the odd coloring," Delia replied as she turned back to the roses.

"Delia," Jason started before he stopped.

"Delia, why are you ignoring me?" Jason asked as he gently reached out and turned the Stardune Princess to look at him.

Delia didn't dare meet Jason's gaze, instead she stepped back and out of his reach. "Excuse me, Your Majesty," she said as she gave him a small curtsy. Before she walked away from her oldest friend. She wasn't going to tell him anything, if he didn't understand why she wasn't talking to him then that was his problem.

Delia took the long way back to the palace, as she climbed the steps that would lead her into back into the hallway. She easily spotted Ella with her bodyguard, they were talking. Delia wasn't sure about what, but it wasn't any of her business. As she reached the threshold, Delia felt another presence next to her.

"Ooh, look who's under the mistletoe," Ella happily cried as she clapped her hands together.

Delia looked up and glared at the offending foliage, before she glanced out of the corner of her eye to see that it was Jason, who was next to her. Delia glared at her best friend, before met Jason's sky blue gaze. "You are not funny, Ella," she muttered as she tried to step out from under the mistletoe.

Jason's hand was wrapped around Delia's elbow, halting her escape. She turned her head to glare at him. "Let me go, Jason, now," Delia ordered.

"It's tradition, Cordelia, we wouldn't want to break tradition," Jason argued as he looked pleadingly at the Princess of Stardune.

Delia narrowed her eyes even more at the use of her full name. "Fine," she mumbled, as she reached up and placed a chaste kiss on Jason's cheek. "Happy?" she questioned as she pulled away.

Ella snorted as she looked at her older brother and best friend. "That is not the rule of mistletoe, Delia and you know that," Ella commented.

"She's not wrong, Cordy," Jason answered as he used his own nickname for her.

Butterflies fluttered in Delia's chest as she heard the familiar nickname from Jason. Delia closed her eyes and sighed in defeat, before she opened her eyes. She stood on tip toe and placed a kiss on Jason's lips. He responded quickly, but gently pulled away. His hand had slipped from Delia's elbow to her waist.

Ella smiled happily before she walked away from her best friend and brother. "Come along, Adam," she Nightshade Princess called over her shoulder to her body guard.

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