Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Themes (TEC)

A knock woke the sleepy princess from her nap. Ella sat up and called out weak come in, she smiled at the familiar sight of Adam Rosewood, her bodyguard. "Adam," She groggily greeted him.

"Princess Eleanor, your mother has requested your presence in the ballroom, immediately," Adam monotonously informed his charge.

Ella sighed but nodded in understanding. "I'll be down in a few minutes. Somehow, I doubt my mother wants me downstairs in my pajamas," Ella mumbled as she threw her covers off of her. She climbed out of her bed and meandered towards her closet.

The Princess of Nightshade quickly changed into a dark wine colored dress with black tights and a cream colored cardigan. She wore black ankle booties on her petite feet. Ella quickly braided her hair, and ran out of her bedroom. As she passed Adam, she faintly heard him mutter something in his earpiece. But she was sprinting down the stairs to get to the ballroom.

One did not keep the Queen waiting, and certainly not when said Queen was your own mother. Ella nearly tripped down the stairs a few times but luckily caught herself each time. As she hit the bottom of the stairs, she took off through the hallways and ran towards the large ballroom. Once the large ornate doors were in sight, she stopped and took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. After a moment, Ella strode inside and looked over her shoulder at Adam.

She shook her head and shut the door behind her, before he could attempt to step inside of the room with her. Ella knew that Matthew was somewhere in the hallway, hidden from her sight. She figured that Adam would be fine with Matthew.

Ella looked around and spotted the large pine three that was in the center of the room. There were not decorations on the tree, which was odd to Ella. As she usually only ever saw the tree after it was decorated and trimmed.

"Ella, there you are," the familiar warm voice of Queen Avaline called from just behind the tree.

Ella moved towards her mother and looked at her. "Yes, why exactly am I here?" she asked as she looked at the tree.

"I wanted your help with picking a color theme for the tree this year. Someday it will be your job, and I want you to be ready for when the time comes," Avaline explained as she looked at her daughter.

Avaline knew that her seventeen year old daughter was hesitant to take on new duties, but Ella understood that she would need to to do this for her kingdom.

"Any kind of theme?" Ella asked as she looked at her mother with a slight frown.

"Yes, any kind of theme that you would like," Avaline agreed as she moved to stand next to her daughter.

"I think rose gold and marble, would be lovely," Ella hesitantly suggested.

Avaline's smile brightened, "That's a lovely suggestion, Ella. I quite like it, we'll pass that information on to Vella. You'll be working with myself and Vella to make sure everything is to your standard."

Ella looked at her mother with wide eyes. "My standard?"

"Yes, as it's your theme, everything will be done to your specifications," Avaline told Ella as she looked at her daughter.

"Wow," Ella whispered in awe.

Yes, I have returned the Eleanor Chronicles. There will be more int he coming days. I haven't forgotten about Ella.

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