Friday, December 9, 2016

First Snow

Avis looked at the sky in delight as white fluffy flakes fell from the sky. She smiled and spun in circle, and threw her hands out. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in hopes of catching a precious flake.

"Avis, come on! We're going to be late," her best friend Athena St. Rose yelled from ahead of her.

The sixteen year old female looked ahead at Athena, and sighed before she ran to catch up with her brunette friend. Once, Avis had caught up with Athena the pair made their way to Eden Falls High to start their last day of classes before winter break started.

"Ugh, why do we have to be here? It's snowing, and it's the kind that's perfect for playing in," Avis whined to Athena as they strode through the school parking lot.

Avis easily spotted Athena's cousins, Vera and Elijah St. Rose, and elder brother, Nate Evermoon. Avis shyly looked away her best friend's brother, and easily spotted her own family members in the crowd. She sent a bright smile and wave to her cousins Evie and Darren, who were climbing out of Uncle Ronnie's SUV.

The window rolled down, and she heard her uncle wish her cousins a goodbye. He easily spotted and yelled a hello to her as well. Avis flushed a little as people looked at her, but she told her Uncle that she would see him later. As he pulled away, Evie and Darren separated. Evie approached her and Athena, while Darren moved towards Elijah, Nate, and the rest of the boys who played sports at EFHS.

"Hi, Avis, morning Athena," Evie greeted as we stood on the steps.

"Hi, Evie," Avis replied as she pulled her cousin into a hug. "I like your hat," she added as she admired her cousins gray knit hat, that was over her brown locks.

"Thanks," Evie answered.

"Hey, Evie, and Avis is right, your hat is cute. Come on Miss Freshman, let's head inside it's cold out here," Athena suggested as they climbed the rest of the stairs and made their way inside. Together they made it to Evie's locker and helped her gather her books and put away her backpack. Then, they clamored through the halls to reach Avis and Athena's shared locker.

"We'll see you at lunch, Evie," Avis promised her cousin as they walked her to her math class. As they walked away, the pair could hear some girls behind them sigh that Evie was lucky that she got to hang out with older students.

The two witches looked at each other and shared a laugh before they headed to art for their first class. Once they sat down, Avis stared out the window and watched the snow fall. She wished that she was outside enjoying it with her friends and family.

"Hey, Av, we should get everyone together tomorrow and have a snow day. As a way to celebrate the end of school until the New Year, and for you to stop moping," Athena suggested with a giggle as she gently nudged Avis with her elbow.

"You mean it?" Avis asked with a perked up response as she looked at her best friend.

"Of course, we'll tell everyone at lunch and send a group text/message tonight," Athena promised as she sent her friend a warm smile.

Avis smiled as she took another glance at the falling flakes outside. She couldn't wait to enjoy the snow.

Little Avis is all grown up, -sniff- I can't believe that she's a beautiful sixteen year old teenager. I wanted to do more with the Laura verse, which has actually become an extension of my Artemis (Witch) verse. I made the connection during NaNo this year. So, be on the look out for more Avis pieces, and a different look into Eden's future.

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