Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cookies and Cocoa

Laura hummed along to Bing Crosby's crooning voice, she smiled down at her children as they stood on stools and were using cookie cutters. She watched as they passed the cookie cutters and worked together. But they weren't alone, Laura caught her best friend's eye and smiled.

Artemis giggled as her three children weren't really interested in the cookies. Archer and Nate were more interested in seeing who could get the most dirty with the flour. The red head sighed but separated the two, before any werewolf claws tried to make an appearance. The High Priestess shook her head in annoyance but helped her children with their cookies.

Avis and Athena were helping each other with their cookies. Laura and Artemis shared a conspiratorial wink with one another at the sight of the two girls. Archer was now helping Lynx with her cookies, he would place them on the cookie sheet after she finished. Laura watched the pair with an affectionate smile, it was adorable to see Lynx and Archer getting along.

Once the cookie sheets were filled, Laura and Artemis wrangled their trios into the living room for a Christmas movie. Each of them were given a small bowl of the holiday popcorn and a candy cane. Laura and Artemis planned to bring in hot cocoa during the middle of the movie.

With The Santa Clause firmly up and running with the second and third movies, cued up to play soon. The two witches didn't worry as they made their way back to the kitchen to make hot chocolate. The mothers laughed and told each other stories of what their children had been up to. It was a quiet afternoon for them as they worked together.

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