Friday, June 30, 2017


Zarnak glared at Seh-t'sha-ra from across the room.The Priestess despised the woman who sat at the Pharaoh's feet, as if she belonged there. Zarnak knew otherwise, but she chose to keep silent until she could find a moment alone with her Pharaoh. The purple haired Priestess turned her attention back to the demonstration in front of her, her golden eyes watched as Sir-tus and Ardet fought each other with staffs.

The Pharaoh often require demonstrations of his Medjai, he enjoyed the battles they put on. All eyes were on the pair, as Sir-tus and Ardet were the Pharaoh's strongest Medjai warriors. Zarnak studied the two, she could easily see the two trying to outwit the other, but she knew better. Zarnak, Sir-tus, and Ardet had all grown up in the palace together, the boys had been fighting each other for years. They knew each other too well, and were easily able to predict the other's movements.

The audience watched, captivated by the pair. Zarnak, easily caught sight of the move that would allow Sir-tus to win the battle. Sure, enough a few minutes later, Sir-tus knocked Ardet onto back, the staff held against his throat.

Zarnak watched as Ardet gave a nod in defeat. She heard his groan in frustration, as the Pharaoh and audience clapped. Sir-tus offered a hand to help Ardet up from the ground, Zarnak smiled glad to see that there were no hard feelings between her two friends.


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