Friday, June 23, 2017

Poolside Fun

Avis took a deep breathe before she dunked herself below the surface of the pool water. She easily sank a few feet, she criss-crossed her legs and sat at the bottom of the six foot deep part of the pool. Before she could move, she felt something touch her in the side.

Avis blew bubbles as she released a breathe, before she shot to the surface. Once her head was up from under the water, she gasped as she looked at Nate, who wasn't far from her. "What was that for?" she asked as she brushed some of her dark red hair away from her face.

Nate Evermoon laughed as he met Avis' gaze, "Just making sure you hadn't drowned," he answered as he moved closer.

The mahogany haired witch rolled her eyes, "Athena, is he always this annoying?" she asked her best friend, who sat on the side of the pool with her legs dangling into the cold water.

Athena St. Rose looked at her brother with a frown, "Of course he is," she answered Avis as she turned to share a soft smile with her best friend.

The sixteen almost seventeen year old females both rolled their eyes, but Avis continued to enjoy the water. She pointed a finger at Nate, "Try it again, and you'll be a wet dog," she warned the newly graduated eighteen year old werewolf.

Nate rose his hands in surrender, he slowly moved away from Avis. "You're scary when you're angry," he mumbled as he looked at Avis.

She shook her head, and took another deep breathe before she threw herself the bottom of the pool. With a deep mental breathe, Avis concentrated as she silently said the spell she had found in her family's grimoure. The sixteen year old had been wanting to use this spell for months, but the weather was never quite right, but today was perfect. Ironically, on the summer solstice.

A warm feeling swept over Avis after she finished the spell, she opened her eyes and looked around under the water. It was clear, as there wasn't water in her eyes, she turned her head to see her hair following behind her. She quickly made her way back to the surface, as she reached the open air, she gasped before she looked at Athena with wide eyes.

"Did it work?" the brunette female asked her friend in anticipation.

Avis nodded as she moved towards Athena and pulled her into the pool. Athena shrieked as she landed in the water, she splashed Avis. The redhead splashed her back, the two kept splashing, eventually getting the others. Archer, Nate, and Enver tried to separate the duo but they ended soaking, Nate especially once he started tickling Avis.

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