Monday, June 26, 2017

Couch Cuddles (Star Trek)

Ella smiled at Leonard from across medbay, as she went about her hourly rounds. She made quick work with checking in on her patients, there were very few people in medbay. Once she was finished she moved towards the office she shared with her husband.

"You okay, sweetheart?" Leonard McCoy asked his wife, as she laid on the couch in their office.

"Just tired, Leo," she answered as she turned to meet his hazel gaze.

The doctor moved to join his wife on the couch, he lifted her head into his lap as he ran his fingers through her hair. Ella sighed in happiness as her eyes fluttered closed. "Is it terrible to take a nap on shift?"

Leonard chuckled at his wife's question, "Not when you've been on shift for nearly 48 hours, go ahead and get some sleep sweetheart."

Ella gave a soft sigh as she allowed her eyes to close and snuggled further into the couch. Leo reached up and grabbed a blanket that they kept on the couch, he covered his wife. He leaned back and closed his eyes to try and get some sleep too.

So, today is my parent's wedding anniversary. They have been married for 24 years, which is crazy for me to believe. But this piece is dedicated to my parents, for all of the struggles that life has thrown at them, they have kept a strong and happy marriage for over two decades.

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