Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Apologies (TAG)

Ella smiled as she strung the various rolls of crepe paper up along the living room wall. She caught Scott's eye as he filled the balloons with helium, and sent him a warm smile.

A loud noise broke the pair's attention, Ella looked up to see that Gordon had dropped a box of party favors. 

"Haha oops," Gordon said as he glanced between Ella and Scott.

Ella shook her head, "You okay, Gordon?" she asked as she moved a little bit more to the right to string along the streamer.

"Yeah," the blonde Tracy brother answered as he picked the box back up. "I can't believe John was able to get Virgil out of the house."

"Well, at least he won't try to snoop, unlike some Tracy brothers," Ella commented as she looked at Scott with a frown.

Scott met Ella's golden gaze with a sigh. "What? It was one time, Ella," he whined as he threw a balloon at her.

"Yeah, well you managed to ruin two birthdays," the Rosewood female muttered as she taped part of the streamer up.

Scott paused in his task, he moved towards Ella. While, they had grown up together, neither of them considered the other a sibling. He wrapped his arms around Ella's waist, he gently lifted her off of the stool she stood on. "I am sorry, Ella, I won't ruin anymore birthdays for you and I ever again. I promise, " he swore as he looked into her doe like eyes.


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