Friday, June 24, 2016

Paradoxian's Guardians

I never thought a simple walk around the local park would create the amount of drama that it has. Why did I even go for that walk anyway? I could have saved myself so much drama and stress. Ugh, that walk might have been my biggest regret ever.

It all started in the fall of 2011, it was my senior year at Reedly Preparatory Academy, a small private school in Black Falls, Maine, also a small town. There weren't many that got accepted in RPA but I was one of the lucky ones. It also might be due to my parents being the Headmaster and Headmistress. I knew as a child I was going to take over for my parents when they decided to retire. It had been like this since the Academy had opened its doors in 1812, the school has been in my family for nearly two hundred years.

I can very easily tell you my family history but I won't bother, it's a long dry history. Most of the students here come from families of wealth or they're founding families of Black Falls. But of none of this matters, at the moment.

It was October 13th, a Friday, classes were over and everyone appeared to be outside enjoying the sunshine, as it made the autumn leaves, that surrounded the campus, an amazing coral-orange color. I was leaving the grounds to go to a small unknown park not too far away from campus. It was a nice place to go, to escape all the drama and chaos that was high school. The walk wasn't long only five minutes from outside the campus gates.

When I arrived I saw I wasn't the only one there, there were five others. All from my seventh period Mythology class with Mr. Kay. Why were they there? This wasn't their local hangout, it was mine and had been for nearly four years now.

I glared at Nate Bettinson, Jax Wilson, Hannah Williams,Teddy Williams, and Beth Gerard, as they all invaded my spot. If looks could kill, they'd all be and buried now.

"What are you all doing here?" I demanded, my irritation so high I didn't even bother to be polite.

Bettinson looked up from the basketball that he had been dribbling on the small trail, that ran through the park. Hannah stopped her swinging. Jack looked up from his calculus book, Teddy stopped whatever prank he was about to pull. Beth stopped her monologue. None of them really knew what to say.

Finally, Bettinson spoke, "Chill out Monroe, it's a free park. We're allowed to be here."

"Chill!?!?!? Chill!?!?! I'll give you chill you stupid jerk," I said angrily, stomping my way towards him, ready to give him a good kick in the butt.

"Verity, stop! Think about what you're doing!" Hannah exclaimed while standing in front of me, trying to stop me from my war path.

"Leave me alone, nina nina ballerina," I said trying to push her away so I could throw a good punch Nate's way.

Just as I managed to push Hannah away, a bright light started to flash from the ground, making the six of us surrounded in a white blinding light.

"What the--" myself and the others started before a figure loomed over us. I looked up to see a gorgeous woman, her hair was black but you could see natural hints of purple. Her face was beautiful, she looked so much like a statue that I had seen on campus. Her dress was a soft teal green color. Making her skin look like a bronze colored gold. She was gorgeous.

"Who are you?" Beth questioned, asking the question everyone of us had been wondering.

"I am known by many names and faces but for the six of you, you all know me as Honora, the Paradoxian Goddess of Justice," she replied.

"Paradoxian, what exactly is a Paradoxian?" Teddy questioned.

"Quite simple really, they're an ancient civilization that existed not long before the Greek Empire took control of their country and changed everything. Making the Paradoxian Society cease to exist for the rest of eternity," Jax our school nerd, replied.

I rolled my eyes, "That's nice and all but what does that have to do with us?"

"Quite simple, Verity, long ago there were six guardians that protected the Paradoxian tribe. Each guardian controlled one of the sacred elements of the tribe; ice, lightning, water, fire, air, and earth. Each of you are descended from one of the Paradoxian tribe and each of you yields one of the sacred elements.

"Nathaniel Bettinson, son of the great warrior Barto, Lead Warrior of the Ice Element," she said describing a puffed out Nick.

I rolled my eyes as I saw his ego get bigger.

"Ugh, can your ego get any larger?" I asked before slapping his chest.

Honora continued ignoring the banter between the pair of us. "Jax Wilson, son of the Knowledgeable Sage Johanas, you control lightning.

"Graceful Hannah, daughter of our own Goddess Ethera, Goddess of Dance and True Manifestation of Water.

"Lonely Verity Monroe, you are the daughter of our Great God Ardor, God of Fire and Passion, a beautiful yet Powerful God.

"Troublesome Theodore, you come from our Goddess Complexia, a true Goddess of Mischevious Air.

"Elizabeth, a daughter of our Priestess Opheria, a daughter of Earth, a sacred element that is most common but easily underestimated.

"Together the six of you will do great things to protect this sacred and ancient land of Paradoxia. As well as each other," she said.

"What do you mean 'this sacred and ancient land of Paradoxia'? We are in the United Sates of America. We are nowhere near Greece," I said, not believing any the bologna she was spouting.

"My dear Verity, Pangaea was apart of this world, making Greece able to take over Paradoxia," she replied.

"Yeah, right. Listen can we go now, my parents will kill me if I'm not back on the school grounds by five," I stated ignoring everything she just said. I had to get home before my parents really did kill me.

"You may leave, but this will not be our last joining my children," she said as she started to fade into the bright white light.

I rolled my eyes as she faded, not wanting anything to do with this bull. Once the light had faded, all of us looked at each other, wondering which idiot, would try to use 'their sacred element' first. I didn't have to wait long, it was Nate, who looked at the ground and opened his hand.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked knowing it was something totally stupid.

"What does it look like I'm doing? Use your brain Monroe, I would have thought you had one as the Headmaster and Headmistress' daughter," Nate replied.

I didn't say anything but instead threw my fist out ready to slap him across the face. But a fireball erupted from my hand. Making everyone move away as it tried to collide with Bettinson's face. But suddenly a wall of ice grew in front of him.

I moved my hand down to stop myself from accidentally scorching him or anyone else.

"Are you crazy, Verity? You could have killed me!" Nate yelled at me, taking a step closer. His body towered over mine, making me feel smaller than usual. I took a small step back as the fear shot up my spine.

"Don't even think of leaving," Nick said reaching out and grabbing my arm.

"Let go of me," I cried, suddenly feeling my arm become cold and numb. I looked down to see that a layer of ice was wrapping itself up my arm. I reached out and grasped Nick's arm, and tried to burn him, but it didn't work. My fire just wrapped around his arm in an odd angle, similar to what his ice was doing to my arm.

I gasped before letting go of the dumb jock and moving back as far from him as possible, not at all  understanding what had just happened. I didn't want to think about it as I ran from the park. Trying to get away as quickly as possible. I didn't bother going back to my dorm room, instead I headed towards my parents house, it was in the staff area of campus but it didn't stop me from getting away from those... those... the others.

All I knew was that I needed to get away and going back home seemed to be the faster way. The wouldn't dare think of moving to the private home that belonged to my parents unless it was an emergency.

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