Monday, June 27, 2016

Lilly's Chaos

I glared at my betrothed as he smirked down me. The tears starting in my eyes.

“Leo, let me out of here!” I exclaimed while slamming my hands into the force-field.

“I don't think so, Lilly. You've been a bad girl,” Leo replied with an arrogant smirk on his face.

“Please let me out,” I pleaded.

“I'm sorry my dear, but you've broken the law,” Leo stated, no emotion in his face.

“I didn't do anything, Leo, I swear,” I said slamming my hand into the force-field once again.

“That is not what the council said,” Leo responded.

“Leo, please... don't do this... I'm scared to die alone,” I pleaded, trying to get him to help me.

“I saw a flicker of pain and sadness in his eyes, even though he was holding me captive.

It was a law in our culture, that if you should commit a crime, then you shall be punished. Your mate or betrothed was the one who punished you.

Most of the time, in our culture, many did not survive their punishment.

“Leo, please,” I begged, hoping that I could somehow get through to him.

“You won't survive, Lilly,” Leo said his voice harsh with anger.

I let my tears fall, as I realized that I really was going to die. I closed my eyes and cried, waiting for him to kill me.

I look up at Leo and saw him watching me. My tears fell, and as I waited for my death, I knew it would be by his hand and sword. Traditionally your mated or betrothed could kill you with the tool they favored or mastered.

Leo mastered the sword or rather the chaos blade. I ad yet to master a magical item but I favored the element staff. Before this entire incident, Leo was helping me master the Element Staff.

Leo looked at me as the tears fell, I curled myself into a ball and buried my face in my knee, waiting for the force-field to drop me to the ground. My sobs and Leo's breathing were the only things that could be heard in the Death Chamber.

Finally, the sound of the Chaos Blade, being removed from its sheath could be heard. I instantly fell to the ground as the force-field dissolved around me. I waited in anticipation as the blade drew closer to me. I still sobbed but just as the blade drew closer.

I felt the blade touch my spine, a tingle went up my spine as the Chaos Blade continued to just barely touch my spine. Suddenly, I felt the blade pierce my spine, a tingle went up my spine as the Chaos Blade continued to just barely touch my spine. Suddenly, I felt the blade pierce my spine. I felt the Chaos Blade's magic move up my spine, paralyzing my body from moving. I was wearing the traditional death clothing, a blue camisole with a pair of blue shorts and a robe. My robe had been removed, when I had entered the death chamber.

I wanted let out a cry or scream from the pain as the blade was removed from my spine. My breath came out in pants, as my body nearly lost all of its power to fight.

“Leo, please,” I begged my voice a soft whisper, I wanted to scream but my body wouldn't let me.

I watched Leo's face, seeing his own pain as he watched me suffer. I knew he didn't want to kill me but, it was inevitable, I was going to die. I could fell the Chaos magic slowly, painfully killing me.

I saw the blade drop from Leo's hand. He moved swiftly towards me. He grasped my face between his palms.

“Lilly... Lilly I'm so sorry... I'm sorry angel,” Leo said his voice full of pain. “I hate hurting you.”

“Not your fault,” I said, trying to comfort him.

“Yes, it is Lilly, I could have refused but I chose not to.”

“Leo, we knew this would happen. You can't blame yourself,” I replied in a soft soothing voice.

I felt nothing from my waist down, but I knew I was dieing, I felt myself get weaker and weaker. I closed my eyes wanting to fall asleep.

“Leo, I'm tired... I'm going to sleep now,” I said feeling tired and gently closed my eyes.

“No, Lilly not yet!” Leo said, he pulled me in his arms. Holding me to him, trying to comfort me.

“Yes, now it's Leo, I love you...” I replied softly and closed my eyes.

“I love you, Lilly,” Leo replied placing a gentle kiss on my forehead.

Then, I fell asleep for the last time...

I sat up in bed and gasped. My breath coming in pants. What was that about?

I glanced over to see that Leo was up, he was watching me quietly.

“Lilly are you all right?” He asked his voice full of concern.

I couldn't speak, so instead I just shook my head. The tears falling as the dream came back to me. It was so terrible but I wondered about why I would see myself dying.

Leo pulled me into his chest and just held me as I cried. His hands rubbing my back and smoothing out my wild curls. I sobbed into his strong shoulders and was grateful to have with me. He didn't ask any questions. He just held me in his arms.

“Shh... Lilly, get some sleep,” Leo said in hushed tones.

I nodded my head and tried to close my eyes. Instead of going back to sleep, I saw the visions of my dream in my head. I saw the Chaos Blade covered in blood... my blood.

I couldn't imagine Leo ever using the blade against me. Besides Leo hadn't even mastered the blade, yet. He had been attempting to master the blade since we were children.

But he hadn't been able to master it yet. No one has been able to master the Chaos Blade, not in the last millennium. There was a prophecy about the Chaos Blade.

It stated:
The master of the Blade
that creates Chaos
will not be controlled,
until after the master's
mate has died, by the
blade's own Chaos.
For the Master to earn
control of the Blade,
the blade must take
the master's soul mate
for the chaos to be
in the control of the master.

There was more to the prophecy but you couldn't read it, because it was gone. It looked like it had been ripped or possible burned away but the prophecy was kept in a glass display case. Thus preventing anyone, including the Elders from ever opening and changing the prophecy. The prophecy was very important, it was the key to the Blade of Chaos.

Many had tried and failed to master the Chaos Blade. No one had ever come close to mastering the Blade. Not even my father or brothers.

Leo was the only person who has come close to mastering the Chaos Blade in the last millennium. No one really knew the history of the Chaos Blade, not even the Elders. The history of the Chaos Blade was the greatest mystery of our history.

The songs and chants of the Blade of Chaos have been lost in time or forgotten. Most of the songs and chants were missing pieces about the origin of the Blade.

I closed my eyes once again, hoping that the images would leave my mind and let me sleep. I took deep breaths and let my body relax. I could see the flashes again, they were just quick brief flashes. But they were still there.

I snapped my eyes open. I let out a sigh, before getting up out of bed and walking towards the kitchen. I leaned against the counter, feel the insomnia start to get to me. I felt tired but I couldn't go to sleep. No with that nightmare plaguing my mind.

I couldn't stop seeing the flashes and horrors. It was terrible they couldn't stop plaguing my mind. They were right there tormenting me. I knew Leo wouldn't ever do something like that. He wouldn't do something so stupid.

P.S. Hey, so I do have a prologue piece to this featuring the Original Master of the Chaos Blade, if anyone wants to read let me know. I might post on Friday anyway but feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me. -Alexandra

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