Monday, June 20, 2016

My Failed Stories

So, over the years I have had some pretty cool story ideas. But for some reason or whatever I could never finish them or maybe I only had the one scene that really panned out. I'm going to share two ideas that I didn't finish. These are just the ideas, but I will post the stories later this week. There isn't much to either story.

Unfinished Idea Number One: This story was about six teenagers, who don't really get along or hang out with each other. Sort of like the Breakfast Club, but in modern times, the twist was that they all find out that they are descended of an ancient race of alien that once lived on earth. And now they have to work together to save the world. The group is three males and three males, and they weren't all paired off except for the main girl and main guy.

My main reason why this didn't pan out was because it was too much like Harry Potter and The Breakfast Club put together. I enjoy both of those too much to try and rip them off. I also started writing this just really as a way of getting it out of my head. None of the characters were truly fleshed out, so I just couldn't bother to finish this piece.

Failed Story Number Two: I'm so sad that story failed. I totally loved the idea of it but I wasn't able to get a good story line where it didn't just end with and they all died. This story was a story of reincarnation and prophecy. The female protagonist, Lilly was killed by her love Leo in their past life. Lilly supposedly violated one of the laws and was sentenced to death at Leo's hand. Their society is a bit of a hidden society, where each person learns a specific weapon to master. I loved this idea but it's pretty distopian and I just didn't have a good plot for Lilly and Leo.

These are my failed stories. I would love to maybe go back to them or pull ideas from them to help with the development of another story.

See you on Wednesday!

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