Friday, June 17, 2016

Meet (some of) My Story Characters

So, I figured that I would share some of my characters that I've been writing about. Please note that not all of these characters have full book plots. I have a few ideas of where I want these characters to go but nothing is totally fleshed out, and I won't be giving any spoilers for these characters' stories. You'll have to wait and read about them. =)

Please allow me to introduce Ivory St. Rose, her story is kind of a life story. I have a few pieces of this woman from various ages and at various times in her life. She is a ballerina with mahogany hair and silver-blue eyes. Ivory has an older brother Christian. Christian is sort of a package deal with his best friend Drake Steele, who Ivory does not get along with as a kid. This lady goes through some tough times in her life such loss, this is a theme in her story. But through it all she finds happiness in her life. The idea of loss, is one that I've drawn inspiration from in my own life. Maybe I'll get an ending like Ivory. She's very stubborn and is a total badass, if I do say so myself. I started Ivory back in 2014 in my creative writing class.

Next we have Artemis St. Rose (no relation to Ivory), her story starts on her sixteenth birthday which is also Halloween. She's leads a normal life with her parents and two brothers, Christian and Henry except for the fact that they all have magic. This makes them witches and warlocks, and Artemis has only just come into her powers. That's right, you don't get your powers until you're sixteen (sometimes fifteen or seventeen) but Artemis has to prove that she's as powerful as the Coven believe that she is. This was my Nanowrimo 2015 piece and I got a good start on her.

Finally, there is Princess Eleanor of Nightshade. Ella is a princess, she has four brothers, four! She's the only girl of the bunch. She's newly turned sixteen when we meet her. This Princess does not allow her father or anyone rule her life. She believes in her own independence and is not afraid to speak her mind. Ella has a dry sarcasm, which can sometimes get her in trouble like when she insults a visiting Prince about his promiscuous life style in front of her dad and brothers. Ella will tell you how it is, and she doesn't want to be married off like a prized cow. I do have some pieces about her already written. They can be found on my polyvore account. Ella

Thanks for reading. If you want more information on these characters leave a comment. I would love to share more them with you.

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