Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fandom OC's (Part 2)

Hey everyone, here is part two of my fandom OC's, these are some of the newer ones.

Ella Rosewood: Ella is for sure the newest of the bunch. She's my Thunderbirds OC, she easily fits in both the original and remake universes. This mahogany haired lady is the Tracy Ward, she's the unofficial sixth Tracy child. Jeff and Lucy Tracy took her in when she was, her father was one of Jeff's closest friends and fellow astronauts. Ella's mother is the daughter of Lady Penelope's Great Aunt Sylvia, making Ella a Cryton-Ward, but Sylvia and her husband allowed Ella to be raised by Jeff and Lucy due to the request being her parent's last wish. Ella is in-between Virgil and Gordon, she grew up with the nickname of Shadow, because she could be constantly found following Scott and John Tracy.

Ellen Night: Ellen is my Teen Wolf OC, she is a natural born werewolf like Derek Hale. She's an orphan who lives with her Uncle, Beacon Hills' Sheriff. Ellen adores her cousin Stiles but she does worry about his ability to get into constant trouble. Ellen has a complicated history with Derek Hale, her family and his were once very close. In actuality, Derek and Ellen are mates but they don't always see eye to eye, and they try to fight their bond. I'm slowly writing this out but there are alternate universes with Ellen. I'll try to do a full blog post about them eventually.

Sophie Conway: Sophie is my Mighty Ducks OC, the Mighty Ducks movies were some of my favorites as a kid. As I've watched these movies again in the recent years, I've found myself wanting an OC sibling for Charlie, who could help him and Adam. Sophie is the calmer of the two Conway kids but she's also got a thing for Adam, which pans out romantically in D2. They're friends in D1 but they're closer than Adam and Charlie.

Zarnak: Zarnak is my Night at the Museum OC, she was once the fiancee of Akmunrah. However she died before they could get married. She was buried with Ak and his parents in a hidden chamber in the family tomb but it wasn't discovered until a few decades after Ak and his parents had been moved. She was placed in the London Museum with Ak's parents but placed into storage. She has always been afraid of the dark, when she wakes in the Museum she panics because she's in the dark. However, Ak and his parents don't find her for another few years. Eventually, she is found but she's extremely skiddish around Ak and his father.

Artemis Oliver: Artemis is my second Power Rangers OC, she's newer than Claire but she might be more accurate time line wise in PR history. She is paired with Troy and is the White Megaforce Ranger. She is the daughter of Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart, but she lives in Harwood County with her Aunt Ashley and Uncle Andros. She was acting out with her parents because of her newest sibling. She does dance and is quite good not taking martial arts or gymnastics.

Avery Danvers: Avery is my Bitten universe OC and I've paired with Nick Sorentino. She's a natural born werewolf, not bitten. She is Jeremy's niece, and she has lived with her uncle since she was a four year old girl. There isn't much development for her since I'm still catching up on seasons 2 and 3 of the show. And I haven't really written anything other than some stuff that is pre-season 1.

So, this part two of my Fandom OC's. I'm pretty sure that I will develop more, so when I have maybe three or four more I'll add a part three.

Love you all

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