Monday, May 1, 2017

Avis' choice

Kate stood in line with the group of girls, she gazed at the golden lilac scaled egg that stood in the sand. The egg had been hatched two months previously by Troi, a beautiful dragon that had scales in various shades of purple. Troi was bonded with Kate's own mother, the sable haired girl had grown up around Troi and her mate Riker, whom was bonded with her father.

The girl looked up to see Riker, his golden eyes studied the line of females from age twelve to even twenty-four. She caught the black and red dragon's eye, and sent a soft smile to him.

'You will be alright, Katherine,' the large dragon's voice resounded in Kate's mind. 

She took a deep breath before giving him a soft nod. Kate and the others watched as girls gently touched the egg of Troi and Riker's second child. But the egg did not react to anyone, soon it was Kate's turn.

The fifteen year old nibbled on her bottom lip, as she took a hesitant step forward. She bowed her head in respect to both Troi and Riker, before she gently reached out and touched the scaled egg. Upon Kate's touch, a warmth flooded Kate's head.

A soft voice cried out, 'Finally! I've been waiting for you Kate.'

Kate gasped as she snapped her eyes open. She looked at the egg in surprise and awe.

"I don't understand," she mumbled aloud.

'I've been waiting for you, Kate. You were meant to be my bond. You are the only one I want,' the same soft voice answered. 'I am Avis.'

"Avis," Kate said, as she looked at the egg.

Once the name had been uttered, both Troi and Riker began to hum loudly. Kate could hear the other dragons join Troi and Riker in song. A shadow came over the hatchery doorway. Kate looked up to see the blue and golden scales of Caspian, Troi and Riker's first egg, Avis' brother. She pressed herself around Avis' egg, as if to hide from Caspian.

'Congratulations Kate, my little sister chose well,' Caspian's timber voice called out. There was a hint of teasing in his voice.

Kate shyly peeked up over Avis' egg to meet Caspian's purple gaze. The large dragon flashed her a warm grin, or something equivalent in dragon facial expressions. She warily eyed the dragon, who had been known for taking her on random flights as a child.

"He won't do anything, Kate," Drake, Caspian's bonded rider, commented as he looked at the brunette.

Avis' egg shook, 'Caspian,' a voice shrieked in multiple minds. 'How dare you frighten my Rider?!?!'

Kate wrapped her arms around Avis' egg. "Avis, please calm down. Your brother was merely teasing," she soothed. "He never meant any harm, he only wanted to help with my aversion to heights."


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