Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Damian's Gift

Amy frowned as she looked her youngest son, he gazed at her with wide blue eyes and soft pout. She crossed her arms, as she moved her stern stare from Damian to Bruce, her glare intensified as she met her husband's blue eyes.

"No," she flatly stated as she looked between the father and son duo. "No, absolutely not, we have discussed this multiple times. And we agreed, Damian, no more more strays," she added with a finality in her tone.

"But أم (mother in Arabic 'um), we was nearly crushed by one of the Joker's goons," Damian explained as he looked at his step-mother, as he held up the pure white cat for her inspection.

Amelia could see the tears that were beginning to form in her son's eyes. She let out a huff of air, before she turned her attention to Bruce with a raised eyebrow.

"He's not wrong, Amy," Bruce said softly as he tried to avoid his wife's gaze. "Besides, Damian told me that this wasn't for him."

With a confused expression, Amy turned to look at her son. "I wanted to bring her back for you أم, I remembered you had once told me about cat you had been given as a child. I thought you would like a companion when you waited for us to return from patrol," Damian said as he looked at his mother with wide eyes.

Amy's heart broke as she looked at her son and the little bundle of fur in his arms. "Oh, Dami," she sighed as she leaned down and wrapped her arms around her son. Amy remembered to be careful of the kitten in his arms. "Thank you, sweetheart, how about after this, no more pets okay?" she suggested as she pulled away.

"Yes أم," Damian replied with a nod, as he passed the cat into this mother's arms.

Amy gently cradled the kitten, she gave it a quick look over. She could tell that the pet had been cleaned, and if she knew Bruce and Damian, then her new pet was already given shots and micro chipped.

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