Friday, May 5, 2017

Finding a Mate

Kate stood beside Avis' egg, Troi and Riker were not far behind Kate and their unborn dragon child. The petite female warily eyed the group of male dragons and their riders; two months had passed since Kate had bonded with Avis, and there were still two more months to go before she hatched.

The sable haired rider easily found her parents, at the entrance of the hatchery. She could see the concerned frown that was on her mother's face. Laura's lips were pursed as she studied the various riders who were eyeing Kate. As a mother, she was concerned for her children, especially Kate, who was her only daughter and youngest child.

Riker stepped forward, around Kate and Avis. His deep voice echoed in everyone's head as he spoke, "Thank you for joining us in today's events. Hopefully, at the end of today, Avis will find a mate who will help her as she grows, upon her hatching."

Kate bit her lip, as she looked away from the crowd.

'Don't worry, Kate, we'll find a mate for you, too!' Avis' sweet voice chirped to Kate.

Kate turned her attention back to Avis, she smiled warmly at the scaled that was a gold and lilac ombre. Even though, Avis was still within her shell growing, she knew Kate inside and out, sometimes better than Kate really knew herself.

Before, Kate could thank Avis for her kind words, Riker stepped back and allowed the first dragon to approach Avis' egg.

Kate watched as the large copper scaled dragon, Morn, approached. His rider, Theo, remained behind to allow Morn to gently rest his forehead against Avis' shell.

The first few seconds were filled with anxious waiting, before Morn moved away. No words were spoken but it was clear that he was not Avis' mate. Kate smiled softly as Morn turned his large head to give a nod of thanks to her.


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