Monday, May 8, 2017

Avoiding Tomas

"Open the door, Ava," the angry voice of Tomas demanded, as he pounded on the door.

Inside the attached bathroom, Ava ignored her husband's demands, as she enjoyed her hot bath. The brunette Princess relaxed in the claw foot tub, breathed in the warm scent of peach and vanilla.

It had been a stressful day for Ava, she had been called in front of the court, her father-in-law had publicly reprimanded for leaving the previous night's banquet early. Embarrassment and sadness filled her heart at the harsh words directed at her, there was anger as well. Anger at her father-in-law for not chastising his own son, for his public incandescence at the banquet. There was anger at Tomas, due to his drunken foolery with every woman except for her.

Later in the day, one of the seamstresses had arrived to inform the Princess, that a dress she had been fitted for, many times, had somehow ended up destroyed. Ava's heart had broken at the news, the dress once belonged to her mother, and the Princess intended to wear it for a visiting dignitary.

Ava had taken a walk in the gardens, while on her stroll, she came across a conversation between Tomas, and his two best friends. The conversation had been about Ava, her husband had likened her to cold statue. His friends jeered that she wasn't a statue but rather a block of ice and even frigid.

Tears had flowed, a sob that escaped her mouth, gave away her location in the garden. She ran back to her chambers, Tomas followed. He had been at the door for some time waiting to be let in. Earlier, Ava dismissed her hand maidens, leaving the Prince with no way to enter his wife's private chambers.


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